Alertacall - Digital Switchover

Video door entry system • No hard wiring in dwellings • Works with our touchscreen - from the comfort of an armchair • Video call log for residents • 5 methods to enter premises •Built in 3G/4G internet access via mobile networks - works with or without WiFi •Extensive two way messaging capability - text, voice, image and video •Can integrate with your own self service customer portal /app Additional capabilities and extras Video calling for residents • Approved callers only • Apartment to apartment calls • External trusted callers allowed like GP’s, family members • Housing team able to video call residents Wearable alarm, falls and activity monitor • Provide to only those that want one • Necklace, wrist or key fob options • GPS locator, not dependent on base station • Built in falls detector Smoke alarms for individual dwelling • Wired or 10 year lithium iron battery • Sends signals offsite to be monitored • False alarm reduction built in • Device to enable residents to test alarms Wi-Fi deployments on scheme • Expert Wi-Fi deployment • Managed by our team or yours • Weekly fee per property option • Opens up possibility for CCTV, sensors, resident internet access Find out more 0808 208 1234 • Online reporting • Temperature and humidity Aportable 8-inch touchscreenwith built in connectivity Environmental sensor • Installs in minutes • 5 Year battery life • 24 readings a day • Helps with Homes Act 2018 compliance 18