Alertacall - Digital Switchover

Digital Switchover is the term for a programme of significant changes that the telecommunications companies will be making in the UK. The traditional telephone network, which is sometimes referred to as the analogue or Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) will be switched off and upgraded to use newer digital technology known as ‘voice over internet protocol’ (VoIP). For social housing providers, Digital Switchover has significant implications for how they operate their services. This is particularly true for those providers who have responsibility for sheltered, supported or other forms of housing where hard wired alarms, warden intercom or dispersed alarms units are in place. These systems were not designed to work with internet technologies and any analogue equipment may not work reliably post the Digital Switchover. 81% of UK households have a landline and will be affected* * Ofcom Technology Tracker H1 2018. See Ofcom, 2018. Communications Market Report, p.11. file/0022/117256/CMR-2018-narrative-report.pdf Contents Executive summary 2 1 What is Digital Switchover? 4 Why some alarms equipment might not work post Digital Switchover 6 The impact for residents and what you can do 7 2 Implications for social housing providers 8 Properties and services affected 8 Opportunities arising from Digital Switchover 10 The options available on sheltered and supported housing schemes 10 Financial impact and funding opportunities 10 3 Developing a plan 11 Define the digital vision - 7 key questions to ask 11 Digital Switchover ready alternatives 12 Communicating the plan to residents - the key to success 15 4 Alertacall - an example solution 16 Case study - Saffron Housing Trust 19 About Alertacall 20 Book a meeting with Alertacall 20 © Alertacall Ltd. Registered in England. Company Number 05145094 Key services affected in sheltered accommodation Smoke alarms Individual property landlines Hard wired alarm and intercom systems Dispersed alarms Door entry 2 Executive summary