Alertacall - Digital Switchover

Why is Digital Switchover an opportunity? Hard wired alarm and warden call systems were designed at a time before most people had access to telephones, and well before the invention of the mobile phone. When introduced, they provided a method for a housing officer or scheme manager to communicate with residents. For sheltered housing providers, this is an opportunity to reimagine your service offering and improve efficiency, rather than simply upgrade or replace existing alarms equipment. Recent innovations take a more proactive approach and can offer you and your residents increased functionality. Social housing providers should consider defining their organisation’s digital vision now and review Digital Switchover ready alternative solutions to create a world of possibilities. Different approaches to hard wired systems Alternatives to cabling individual properties: • Deploy a WiFi network • Connect smoke alarms intelligently • Introduce portable touchscreens • Enable video calls for both door entry & your own contact centre Introduce new forms of contact instead of alarms: • Digitally enhanced daily contact with residents • Mobile telephony and wearable tech Digital alternatives - the Alertacall solution One potential solution that improves housing management and digital engagement is provided by Alertacall. The system is used by over 50 housing providers in the UK to increase contact with older residents and those with additional needs. Plug and play devices means installation is both simple and achievable at a fraction of the cost of alternatives. The service includes a portable 8-inch touchscreen, which works with or without WiFi, and has the unique ‘OKEachDay’ button (a system invented by Alertacall) to ensure proactive contact with residents 365 days a year. Importantly, none of the devices provided require any cabling or hard wiring, and there is the option to include sensors, dispersed alarms, video calling and door entry integration. Funding the transition Housing providers may be able to access funding to cover an overwhelming majority of the costs of new digital systems. Alertacall is offering those in housing a free of charge consultation with independent revenue and funding specialists. Contact us If you have any questions about Digital Switchover or this guide, speak to our team: 0808 208 1234 3 Digital Switchover