Alertacall - Digital Switchover

The impact for residents and what you can do Everyone who currently has a traditional landline telephone in their own home, which in sheltered accommodation is approximately 85% of all dwellings across the UK - will have some kind of equipment to install when Digital Switchover occurs. Any telephone line at a property will have a broadband internet connection enabled on it (if it is not already) and a broadband router will need to be plugged in. Any existing telephony equipment at the property will need plugging in to that broadband router. If there is already an internet connection at the property, the occupant may be sent a special adapter to plug into their existing broadband router. This will enable their existing telephones to continue working as normal. From 2023 onwards, it is recommended housing providers train housing teams about the impact of these changes on their residents, as a material number of people in both sheltered accommodation and general needs housing will be affected. It is possible that if customers have their own alarm systems in their properties, plugged in to their own telephone lines, that these may stop working reliably after the Digital Switchover, and those people may require additional support in navigating their options. Digital Switchover will affect equipment and services for residents provided by their housing provider. The next section explores in more depth the implications at an organisational level. All Alertacall’s equipment has been tested and is Digital Switchover ready. 7 Digital Switchover