Alertacall - Digital Switchover

Door entry system connected to hard wired systems Many housing providers with sheltered and supported housing prefer that smoke alarms are installed in individual dwellings, which have false alarm reduction and/or the ability to be monitored externally. These smoke alarms in individual dwellings are not to be confused with the landlord system that is typically installed in the communal areas of such buildings, the purpose of which is to detect fire that has breached individual dwellings and puts the entire building at risk. Where these are connected to hard wired alarm systems, or other alarm systems, they may need to be replaced. It is important to note that there may be a requirement to replace the smoke alarms at the same time to ensure compatibility with future systems. Smoke alarms in sheltered and supported housing units It is likely that the replacement or removal of a hard wired alarm or warden call system will ultimately result in the requirement to replace the door entry system at the same time. Many hard wired systems fixed on to the wall of a dwelling also include a door entry button, which communicates with a door entry system at the entrance to the building. This enables residents to unlock/open the front door of the building to allow visitors inside. The requirement to replace these is because calls made by them that are answered by an alarm receiving centre may not work after Digital Switchover. Additionally, the equipment in a resident’s dwelling with a door entry button on it might need to be replaced with something that is compatible with the pre-installed door entry system. This presents an excellent opportunity for housing providers to introduce lower-cost, high specification systems that can deliver video door entry to residents using a wireless network and smart devices. 9 Digital Switchover