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For older people and supported housing Digital Switchover ready Low cost Enhanced housing management and digital telecare

AvailablewithWiFi Video calling Can integratewith your own self-service app Ability to connect with other services, such as video door entry A portable 8-inch touchscreen, with mobile connectivity Friendly team, available 365 days a year Resident messaging - twoway, text and image Free repairs reporting app OKEachDay button Videomessaging

Benefits: • Increase digital inclusion • Improve repairs performance • Deliver efficiencies and save money • Reduce social isolation Housing Proactive fromAlertacall improves two-way engagement with residents, either digitally or with a highly trained team, to increase home safety and security. WiFi and internet Video door entry system Fire safety solution Additional services fromAlertacall Environmental sensor Digital telecare

Increase resident engagement, improve repairs reporting and detect changing needs. Portable touchscreen - resident messaging Free repairs app Friendly team, 365 days a year No WiFi/Broadband required Housing Proactive Enhanced housing management

IntroducingHousing Proactive Alertacall’s Housing Proactive service is used by over 50 UK housing providers to increase two-way engagement with residents for more effective housing management. The service is particularly useful in managing the housing of older people, people with learning disabilities, people with physical or mental health challenges and those fleeing domestic violence. By adopting the Housing Proactive service, social landlords are able to address some of the key aims of their digital agenda and overcome some of the barriers to digital engagement. Residents are provided with a portable touchscreen device which has builtin connectivity and, therefore, does not requireWiFi to be in place. Residents either engage digitally via the touchscreen to confirm that everything is OK at their property and to pick up news and information, or they are called by one of Alertacall’s highly trained team. This proactive approach to resident communication also helps housing providers meet the guidance of the Social HousingWhite Paper, helping you to provide homes which enable residents to live in ‘safety, security and with dignity’. Key benefits to your organisation Fundable and trusted Housing Proactive is available for a lowweekly fee per property without any set up or capital costs. Furthermore, the service is Housing Benefit and Universal Credit eligible. Lowweekly fee £ Confirmhealth and safety Maintain regular contact with residents, even when working remotely Increase resident communication Schedule news and information updates or broadcast emergency messages at short notice Take a preventative approach Detect changing housing needs and potential issues with tenancy earlier Improve repairs performance Promote self-service, either through the app or by speaking to our team Focus housing staff time and resource Identify issues relating to tenancy and property for further follow up

Video calling Video messaging Door entry integration Easy-to-use touchscreen for residents Every resident is given an easy-to-use touchscreen, promoting digital engagement with your housing service. It comes with the following features: • portable eight-inch touchscreen with stand - simply plug in to set up • easy-to-use interface with excellent messaging capability • built-in connectivity, so will work without WiFi • able to integrate with your customer portal • no equipment, installation or maintenance costs Optional extras - WiFi required NoWiFI hardwiring required Resident messaging Free repairs reporting app OKEachDay Button Customer services call

Maintaining regular contact with residents - OKEachDay For some people, engaging with their housing service digitally is quicker, easier and more convenient. Others may prefer to speak to a friendly advisor. With the OKEachDay system, regular contact is maintained with residents to help your housing team take a proactive approach to identifying issues. Our highly trained team is on hand 365 days a year and the service offers a range of options from daily to monthly contact – in fact, it’s purposefully designed to be flexible around the needs of each resident. Proactive property checks made in this way identify repairs and maintenance issues earlier, as well as detecting changing housing needs. Regular contact with our team has been shown to also help reduce feelings of social isolation for some residents. Making contact - If they still don’t press the OKEachDay button, then a friendly member of our team will call to ensure everything is OK at their property and pass on any relevant news or information. This means that customers always have the option of contact 365 days a year to report any issues. 3 Howdoes OKEachDaywork? Press OKEachDay - The resident presses their OKEachDay button anytime before their chosen time (up to three times a day). It’s easy to do, only takes a second and they can then get on with their day. 1 Reminder to press - To help people remember to press the button, we send out a reminder message about 10 minutes before their chosen time. 2 Handover process - Any information that needs relaying back can be passed onto the housing team or other nominated contacts, including family members where appropriate. This may include reported repairs, concerns that a property is unoccupied or that a customer or property is at risk in some way. 4

Enhanced resident communication Housing Proactive makes it easy for your housing teams to increase resident engagement and improve communication: • Schedule messages - send out audio, text or image messages via the touchscreen, such as, ‘workmen are onsite today’ or ‘test your smoke alarm’. • Building emergency messaging - you can broadcast messages at short notice to groups of customers by recorded phone call, SMS or text to the touchscreen. • Property satisfaction surveys - your residents can receive surveys by telephone or via the touchscreen to help inform you about how their housing needs and opinions are changing. Videomessaging and calling If you have WiFi in place, you can send video messages and set up video calling for residents on the touchscreen. There are three service level options for video calling available: 1. Resident to staff / contact centre - offers residents a more personal experience and helps staff view the condition of properties remotely. 2. Resident to resident - residents would be able to select who they would want to call within their scheme, helping to build a stronger community and reduce social isolation. 3. Resident to friends and family - external access is via a secure web browser with specific access code, further promoting digital inclusion. If you would like this functionality but don’t have WiFi in place, Alertacall offers WiFi installation and maintenance as an additional service. Ask our team for more information.

Free built-in repairs app Benefits of repairs reporting app • Reduces demand on your contact centre • Avoids call waiting times for the resident • Ensures resident provides sufficient information for the repairs team • Very easy-to-use and access - improves repairs performance • Call back option for visually impaired • Repairs details emailed directly • Option to develop API links for direct input onto your own system An easy-to-use repairs reporting app is a key feature of the touchscreen interface. It helps to improve repairs performance and accelerate digital engagement. The repairs app takes residents through a simple step-by-step process to diagnose any maintenance issues, with reports sent 24/7 to your team. As residents interact with the touchscreen and our team regularly, having the app on the touchscreen is a visual cue to take action when an issue occurs. Housing teams can also send regular reminder messages through the touchscreen to prompt residents to undertake maintenance checks. The app is provided with a callback option for the visually impaired and residents will still have the option to speak directly with a highly trained member of the Alertacall team if they prefer.

Management information and reports Data around service interactions is recorded and made available in real-time via secure online reporting. The reports provide oversight of the properties used by higher needs residents, including occupancy tracking and other useful statistics on usage that help to detect changing housing needs. Highly trained contact centre All our team undergo specialist training and are selected for their calm and approachable manner. Training includes, Dementia and Alzheimer awareness, mental health challenges, suicide awareness, domestic violence and other safeguarding areas. Proven experience - quick to implement As Housing Proactive requires no hardwiring and the touchscreens are simple plug-in devices, it make it easy to get residents up and running on the service quickly. You will be assigned a client manager to oversee the implementation process, which includes support with resident communication, initial resident and stakeholder presentations, delivery and installation of devices at each property and on-site training for staff as required. We work in partnership with our clients and have an ongoing regular review process to create added value wherever possible.

Move away from costly hardwired systems - future proof your housing service with a WiFi network and promote digital inclusion. WiFi and internet

Reimagine your housing servicewithWiFi Tohelpyour residents access existingandnewdigital services, Alertacall candeployWiFi into your properties. It alsopresents theopportunity to replace hardwiredalarmsystemswith more flexibledigital solutions at amuch lower cost. WiFi networks canmake it easier to implement and support a rangeof digital options tohelp improve thequalityandefficiencyof your housing service, particularly thosewhich require videoapplications. AWiFi network inyour buildingalsomakes it easier for staffmembers to access vital services andenable internet access for your residents topromotedigital inclusion andengagement with their housing service. Key benefits Allows for awhole newrange of services Easier and less disruptive to implement than hardwired systems Increases digital engagement and inclusion Enables housing providers to operatemore efficiently Dramatically lowers costs Available fromAlertacall withWiFi, using the Housing Proactive touchscreen: Video calling Can integratewith your own self-service app Ability to connect with other services, such as video door entry Videomessaging

ImplementingWiFi is easier than you think Compared to traditional hardwiring systems, cabling forWiFi is not wired into individual homes. Consequently, deployingWiFi is relatively simpleand causesminimal disruption to residents. We recommendhousingproviders install wireless access points in corridors. Typically, one wireless access point is needed for every two to threeproperties – so ina30-unit sheltered accommodation scheme, youmight need somewherebetween10and15. A lockeddata storage cabinet will be set up ina convenient location in thebuilding, whichour technicians canaccess remotely for troubleshootingpurposes. COMMS ROOM Sheltered Scheme Floor Plan - WiFi DOOR ENTRY DOOR LOUNGE OFFICE FLAT 1 FLAT 6 FLAT 2 FLAT 7 FLAT 3 FLAT 8 FLAT 4 FLAT 9 FLAT 5 FLAT 10 Sheltered scheme floor plan - Traditional hardwired system Sheltered scheme floor plan - WiFi

UseWiFi to enhance Housing Proactive fromAlertacall Alertacall’sHousingProactive service is designed for properties withhigher needs occupants.WithWiFi inplace the service can offer features suchas videodoor entry, video calling for residents andmore. It canalsoworkwithoutWiFi as the touchscreen is fittedwithan ‘any-network’ SIMcard. Formore informationon howHousingProactive canbenefit youandyour residents, read our dedicated leaflet. Coverage guarantee Commercial gradeWiFi ismorepowerful and robust than theWiFi you’re used toat home. OurWiFi partners guarantee coveragewith timelyfirmware updates toensure your systemremains secure. You will beable to connect unlimiteddevices toyour network. 24/7 support YourWiFi coveragewill be closelymonitored toensure your network stays connected, with emergency24/7 support madeavailable. Find out more about our WiFi service Contact us for more information and to see howwe can help you introduceWiFi across your schemes. 0808 208 1234 Ref: WIFI-PROM-1

Low-cost, high specification system - residents answer calls from the comfort of their armchair. Video door entry system WiFi dependent

Video door entry system Improve resident safety and home security by adopting the video door entry system from Alertacall. The system uses a wireless network to send full colour, high resolution video calls from visitors to the Alertacall portable touchscreen. This enables residents to answer calls and grant access to their home without having to leave their chair. For housing providers, the system offers a lower cost, higher specification alternative to traditional hardwired door entry solutions and is Digital Switchover ready. The touchscreens are provided as part of the core Housing Proactive service from Alertacall. The door entry system itself is WiFi dependent and therefore requires minimal cabling. WiFi from Alertacall If you don’t currently have WiFi in place, Alertacall can install fast, strong and robust WiFi throughout your buildings at a fraction of the cost of replacing hardwired systems. For more information on WiFi, read our dedicated WiFi leaflet. Key benefits Cloud based information portal for remote access management Major reduction in hardwired investment Video link and door release from the Alertacall touchscreen Increases levels of security Works from the comfort of an armchair

In addition to the obvious security benefits, there are a number of other advantages to receiving door entry calls via the touchscreen. It is particularly useful for those with mobility issues living in supported accommodation, who can receive the video call on a device which they can keep right next to them rather than using a video panel on the wall of their homes. This also helps to minimise the risk of falls. The application on the touchscreen has a screen door release button and also enables residents to view a video call log of all visitors, whether missed or answered. To improve security further, the camera keeps recording for a few seconds after visitors (including, family, friends or carers) enter the building to prevent ‘tailgating’. Video recordings are held on the touchscreen for several days. Manage remotely The system enables housing teams to manage access remotely through a cloud-based portal, which also provides an audit trail of all door entry activity and whether this was a resident, contractor, family member or staff member. This information improves security and also provides valuable health and safety insights. For example, data around whether someone has had any visitors, or how often someone has been in and out of their property could be used to help identify particularly at risk or isolated residents. Easy to use and convenient for residents in their home

Find out more about video door entry Contact us for more information and to see how the video door entry systemworks in practice. 0808 208 1234 Awardwinning 2N intercom and access control system The system uses the 2N IP Verso door entry panel, which includes a microphone and wide-angle HD camera with infrared light for low-light and night-time video. The panel has its own power supply and a backup rechargeable battery to ensure service continuity even in the event of power outage. Alertacall offers 24/7 support for both residents and your housing team. Access to a property can be maintained in five ways: 1. Call to the resident using the ‘contacts’ digital address book 2. Pin code (touch sensitive display) - different codes can be granted to housing and repairs teams 3. RFID smart card reader - fobs supplied to each resident which can be configured remotely 4. Bluetooth reader - can integrate with app on a resident’s smart phone 5. Manage access remotely - ‘concierge button’ connects to your onsite team or an alarm receiving centre to enable visitor access - useful for emergencies and maintenance work IK8 IP54 ANTI VANDAL -40°C to 60°C WATERPROOF IMPACT PROTECTION Ref: VDE-PROM-1

Make or receive a video call from anywhere in the home. Video calling WiFi dependent

Key benefits Reduces loneliness and social isolation Improves two way communication with residents Video or audio call options Ability to block nuisance callers Works from the comfort of an armchair! Video calling for housing teams and residents Improve two way communication and reduce levels of social isolation by introducing video calling for your residents. The Alertacall touchscreen can be used by residents to make or receive video calls from wherever in the home they choose. There is no need to engage with a video panel affixed to the wall. Housing teams also have the ability to make video calls with residents through a secure online portal. The system uses a wireless network to enable video calling between residents on a scheme. This means there is much less cabling than a separate hardwired system, and no need to install video panels on the walls of each property. As a result, it is a far more cost-effective solution which will produce high satisfaction levels amongst your residents. WiFi from Alertacall Alertacall can install hospital grade WiFi throughout your buildings at a fraction of the cost of replacing hardwired systems, ensuring all homes have a strong signal. Wireless Access Points are typically placed in corridors and only require a small amount of cabling, compared to a wired network. Therefore, installers do not need to enter individual properties during WiFi deployment. WiFi also provides a gateway to a range of other resident services and will help to improve digital inclusion. For more information on WiFi, read our dedicated WiFi leaflet.

Residents access the service by simply pressing the video icon button on an Alertacall touchscreen. This brings up the list of flats or apartments in their scheme that they are able to call. The call is made through to the other person’s touchscreen which rings. The person receiving the call can choose to accept or decline the call. There is no need to engage with a panel on the wall. It is not only much more convenient, but also safer for those who may have mobility issues. For those who feel socially isolated or lonely video calling minimises the risk of individuals feeling cut off. Allow housing team members to video call residents The video calling feature also lets housing provider staff talk to a resident in their own home. This can give valuable insights into the state of the property, as well as provide a better service to residents. Calls are initiated through a secure cloud based portal, where team members can click on the video feature to directly call a resident in their own home. Simple touseandensures residents are better connected Make a call Answer a call

Find out more about video calling Contact us to arrange ameeting to find out howAlertacall can improve contact, increase resident satisfaction, and save your organisation time. 0808 208 1234 In addition to video calling, the Alertacall touchscreen also improves two way communication in many other ways. All of the following are options: • Residents can be sent text, image or video messages • Repairs and anti-social behaviour can be reported through in-built apps • Residents can request callbacks • Voice messages can be sent by the resident to the housing provider • Emails can also be sent by residents even if they have no conventional email account The video calling feature is just one of many benefits residents receive from introducing Alertacall’s services. Unlike many traditional hardwired alarm systems, Alertacall’s portable touchscreen device finally does away with the need to have old fashioned devices fixed to the wall that residents have to get up to talk to. VC-PROM-01

Multi-sensor smoke alarms which connect intelligently, combined with enhanced resident communication. Comprehensive fire safety solution

Take a smarter approach to fire safety Improve resident safety with the most advanced and comprehensive fire safety solution from Alertacall - offering you a lower cost, Digital Switchover ready system. Whether you are installing a LD2/LD3 fire detection and alarm system, or upgrading to LD1, combining the most advanced sensors with regular resident communications via the Alertacall touchscreen will produce the best outcomes. The system uses wireless multi-sensor smoke alarms from Aico and includes an online reporting portal so you can track alarm performance remotely. This approach makes it easy to view and maintain data on your properties and saves time by removing the need for staff to undertake smoke alarm tests in person. Activations can be monitored as they are now, using an alarm receiving centre (ARC). Alertacall’s touchscreen makes it easy for your housing team to send routine messages or contact residents in the event of an emergency. The system also generates occupancy status reports in real time to aid with fire safety planning. All this helps to improve awareness around fire safety and provides you with the reassurance that the smoke alarms in place are working effectively to protect your residents. Test! OK! Key benefits No cabling - uses radio frequency signals Remote radio link tests Email or SMS notifications Real time reporting Forecast replacement andmaintenance Reduce false alarms Easy to communicate fire safety procedures Reduce costs and improve efficiency

Providing themost advanced fire safety technology Ei450 RadioLINKAlarm Controller An easy-to-use device placed in properties tomake it convenient for residents to test the alarms, locatewhich alarmhas been activated (smoke or heat) and silence nuisance alarms. • 10 year life - battery powered by a sealed in Lithium cell • Completely wire free installation • Connects wirelessly with all other Aico wireless interconnection products • LEDs for a visual display of Fire or carbon monoxide alarm activation Aico’s SmartLINK SmartLINKwill enable real-time configurable notifications of alarm activations and events via a Gateway and Portal system. This will allow real-time notifications via email or text as well as full visibility of your connected SmartLINK systems. Due to the depth of detail this will provide, reporting tools will enable you to forecast alarm replacement and maintenance requirements. Ei3024Multi-Sensor FireAlarm High quality, reliable and proven technology • Contains both an optical and heat sensor for a total fire response • Mains powered with 10 year rechargeable lithium cell back-up • Combine with Ei3000MRF module for wireless interconnection and data extraction • AudioLINK data extraction technology • Dust compensation – unique self monitoring mechanism • Easi-fit base - can easily be replaced

Enhanced resident messaging Alertacall’s touchscreen makes it easy for you to communicate with residents on fire safety issues using its enhanced messaging capability and built-in intercom. Routine communications • Fire alarm testing • Evacuation plans • Safety videos Emergency messages • Close windows • Leave the premises immediately Digital Switchover 2025 As many housing providers are seeking to replace hardwired alarms in line with Digital Switchover 2025, there may be a requirement to replace your existing smoke alarms if they are connected to these alarm and warden call systems at the same time. This will increase compatibility with systems in the long term and future proof your approach to fire safety. The service also allows you to broadcast messages at short notice to groups of customers by recorded phone call or SMS, either via the touchscreen or to their existing landline or mobile. You can now get your messages out – fast. Find out howyou could benefit Contact us for more information on implementing Alertacall’s fire alarm system to save youmoney. 0808 208 1234 EXIT Ref: FIRE-PROM-1

Wearable devices that work inside and outside of the home - avoiding the need for a hardwired alarm system. Digital telecare

Switch to advanced digital telecare for residents Assistive technology has dramatically evolved in the last 10 years, reflecting the large breadth of individual wants and needs of users. Where a wearable alarm is the right solution, Alertacall offers a variety of different devices that are tailored to the individual. The best digital telecare systems offer greater functionality for residents, including GPS and falls detection, and avoid the expense of replacing or maintaining hardwired alarm systems. Our devices can be worn in multiple ways to suit the individual and, because they are less obtrusive, tend to be worn more frequently. You can deploy our devices within a matter of weeks, simply plug them in and get started. Digital Switchover At the time of Digital Switchover, some analogue hardwired and dispersed alarm systems may no longer work reliably. All Alertacall wearables are digital telecare based systems which will work after Digital Switchover takes place. Key benefits Universal wearable device options, with long battery life The GOGPS deviceworks inside and outside of the home Can be offered to residents on a case-by-case basis to reduce overall cost Data fromSIM card included in the cost Cost effective digital alternative to hardwired dispersed alarm systems - no cabling

Advanced digital telecare system - Chiptech EVA Key features: • Eva is used at home and combines a base unit with a mobile digital connection with a wearable pendant • The base unit has a 70-hour battery back-up in the event of a power cut • The pendant has a five-year battery life and doesn’t require charging • It has a range of over 300m so it can be worn in the garden • It is hot water resistant allowing it to be worn in the bath • It can be worn as a brooch, watch or pendant • Base unit has built-in speaker but not in pendant Protection inside and outside the home - ChiptechGO Key features: • Chiptech GO connects to the mobile network and uses roaming SIMs so it can be worn out and about • GPS location mapping to locate where an alarm is raised or a fall is detected • Rechargeable battery has up to twomonth lifespan • Wireless charging • Water resistant - IP67 water-rated • Can be worn around the neck or as a key ring • Detects falls • Built-in speaker phone to communicate with alarm receiving centre Pendant Key fob Charging station Chiptech EVA Chiptech GO Base Unit

24/7 customer support and alarm handling The digital telecare devices can either be set up to link with your own Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC). You can also to move to a digital based TSA accredited ARC through Alertacall. Send reminders and prompts with Alertacall If you have the Housing Proactive service in place, you can send prompts via the touchscreen. For example, you can remind residents to wear, test or charge their pendant. Offering alarms on a case-by-case basis The range of people in sheltered accommodation varies substantially. Not everyone will want or need to have telecare in place. Equally, while wearable alarms – usually worn around the neck or on the wrist – can be lifesavers, it is important to note that only one out of four people wear their alarms most, or all, of the time. Even when worn, many choose not to activate them or aren’t able to activate them in an emergency. Therefore, offering wearables and tailored care packages on a case-by-case basis improves the outcome for residents and enables you to reduce spending where the need isn’t there. Any questions? Ask our team Get in touch for more information on our range of digital wearable alarms. 0808 208 1234 Ref: DIGTEL-PROM-1

Easy to install, low cost environmental sensor – IoT device for remote monitoring. Environmental sensor

Take a preventative approach to home maintenance The Envosense sensor fromAlertacall continuallymonitors the environmental aspects of properties that are someof thebiggest contributors to repairs andmaintenance costs for housingproviders. Data collectedhourly shows changes inhumidityand temperature, and canbe indicativeof dampness, poor ventilationandheating failures. Inaddition, excessive heating is oftenassociatedwith fuel arrears, andunderheatingmaybe as a result of poor insulationor a customer experiencing fuel poverty. Inboth cases extended periods of over or under heatingare commonly linked toaneed for increased levels of housingmanagement andpoorer outcomes for residents. There are clear links between physical health, mental wellbeing and housing conditions - awarmand dry housewill help to reduce respiratory conditions and the spread of viruses. Key benefits Helps complywith the Homes (Fitness for HumanHabitation) Act 2018 Reduce repairs bills through the early detection of issues Identify potential fuel poverty or payment arrears Lowservice charge - no equipment costs Easy to set up Remotemonitoring and checks - real time reporting portal Half amillion social housing properties in England fail tomeet the required decent homes standards EnglishHousing Survey, July 2017

Features of Envosense Asmall, discreet environmental sensor Only the sizeof apackof playing cards, the sensor has a5-year battery lifeand installation is easy - you just stick it toawall! Monitors temperatureandhumidity Temperatureandhumidity readings are takenhourly. Anyunusual readings can be identifiedbyyour housing teamwhowill contact youas needed. The service enables housingproviders to takepreventativeactionand identify issues earlyon, suchas excessive humidity, poor ventilationor brokenheating systems. Readings taken remotely The sensors are fittedwithan ‘anynetwork’ SIMcard, so there’s no requirement forWiFi. Housing staff andenergyadvisors can reviewall readings througha cloud-based reportingportal. All data charges included. Toohot • Possible issuewithheating system • High energybills • Wastedenergy Too cold • Riskofmould increases (especially if combinedwithhighhumidity) • Faultyheating system • Poor insulation • Increased chanceof illness Highhumidity • Mould - rot and structural damage • Damagedpaintworkandpeelingwallpaper • Rotting furniture, floors, and furnishings • Allergyandasthma sufferers at higher risk • Pest anddust mites thrive Air toodry • Warpingwood, crackedpaint • Breathingproblems • Virusesmore likely to spread Detecting issues earlier Optimal room temperatures dependon the room inuse. For themajorityof people, their main living area should be between 18-21°C. Many things affect the levels of humidity in the home, such as plants, leaky pipes or broken extractor fans. Consequently, humidity levels change all the timewhich is why it is important tomonitor them. Healthy humidity levels are between 30% - 60%. If levels consistently fall above or below these, it can cause damage to a property.

What Envosense can offer you? Find out whywe’ve developed themost cost effective IoT device to help your team take preventativemeasures. 0808 208 1234 Real timemonitoring Housing teams areable toaccess readings from the sensors in real-time viaa secure cloudbased reportingplatform. Youwill beable toview the status of each sensor and the systemwill automaticallyhighlight which sensors have recorded readings that areout of range for further investigation. You can alsoview thedetailed readings of each sensor. 45 40 35 30 25 20 15 10 5 0 Envosense Temperature From 16th August  From 17th August  Overview Accounts Temperature Humidity Trend history % Sensors reading outlying temperatures Too hot Too cold Below -5°C 0.00 1.00 2.00 3.00 4.00 5.00 6.00 7.00 8.00 9.00 10.00 11.00 12.00 13.00 14.00 15.00 16.00 17.00 18.00 19.00 20.00 21.00 22.00 23.00 . .

Award winning housing technology housing providers 50+ Proactive contact days a year 365 Digital Switchover ready at a fraction of the cost Alertacall enables housing providers to more effectively manage their tenancies and properties, while also providing a digital alternative to replacing hardwired systems in supported accommodation. These additional services offer significantly more functionality to help you deliver a great housing service, while potentially saving you thousands per individual dwelling. 0808 208 1234 Book a virtual demo See first hand how our technology and team can help you reimagine your service offering.