cloud-based daily contact system

  • Fully web based so easy to deploy and scale
  • Takes operators step-by-step through tailored workflows
  • Built from the “ground up” for daily contact services
  • Drives human or automated calls, sms and email
  • Powerful customer grouping and sub-grouping
  • Inbound processing of OKEachDay “signals”
  • Powerful scheduling engine for calls and events
  • Emergency and routine broadcast messaging
  • 1,000’s of “lines” for calls in and out
  • Every action recorded for future audit
  • Hosted in multiple resilient datacentres
  • Built using a microservices architecture
  • API’s for third party integration
  • Handles huge numbers of events at 99.99%+ up-time
  • ContactSense built in (see below)

OKEachDay button

  • At the heart of all our services
  • Invented and pioneered by our founder
  • Resilient with multiple signal attempts
  • Zero or ultra-low cost for the user to press
  • Handshake in less than 5 seconds
  • Can be pressed at any time by the user
  • Always sends a signal “back to base”
  • Available on multiple devices (see below)


  • Small, discreet environmental sensor
  • Humidity & temperature readings 24 hours a day
  • Mobile connectivity and “data” included
  • Abnormal readings flagged for intervention
  • Online reporting portal

devices for our customers

  • Touchscreen – Tablet with our custom interface
  • ContactHub – 2g/3g/4g 2-Way wireless intercom
  • High-quality landline phone (requires no additional power)
  • Apps and interfaces for your own mobile devices


  • Set of rules and algorithms
  • Detects changes in patterns
  • Identifies shifts in user needs
  • Developed over 10+ years
  • Built in to our software