Our technology

Our OKEachDay Platform was created specifically to power daily contact. It is continuously developed and has empowered our team to make real contact with people millions of times. Built by experienced technologists, it has four core components.


cloud-based daily contact system

  • Fully web based so easy to deploy and scale
  • Takes operators step-by-step through tailored workflows
  • Built from the “ground up” for daily contact services
  • Drives human or automated calls, sms and email
  • Powerful customer grouping and sub-grouping
  • Inbound processing of OKEachDay “signals”
  • Powerful scheduling engine for calls and events
  • Emergency and routine broadcast messaging
  • 1,000’s of “lines” for calls in and out
  • Every action recorded for future audit
  • Hosted in multiple resilient datacentres
  • Built using a microservices architecture
  • API’s for third party integration
  • Handles huge numbers of events at 99.99%+ up-time
  • ContactSense built in (see below)

OKEachDay button

  • At the heart of all our services
  • Invented and pioneered by our founder
  • Resilient with multiple signal attempts
  • Zero or ultra-low cost for the user to press
  • Handshake in less than 5 seconds
  • Can be pressed at any time by the user
  • Always sends a signal “back to base”
  • Available on multiple devices (see below)


  • Small, discreet environmental sensor
  • Humidity & temperature readings 24 hours a day
  • Mobile connectivity and “data” included
  • Abnormal readings flagged for intervention
  • Online reporting portal

devices for our customers

  • Touchscreen – Tablet with our custom interface
  • ContactHub – 2g/3g/4g 2-Way wireless intercom
  • High-quality landline phone (requires no additional power)
  • Apps and interfaces for your own mobile devices


  • Set of rules and algorithms
  • Detects changes in patterns
  • Identifies shifts in user needs
  • Developed over 10+ years
  • Built in to our software
Find out how we radically improve housing management

Here you will find details of how Alertacall can help you reimagine services in properties with older people, or other higher needs occupants, to accelerate digital engagement, increase contact and improve tenant satisfaction .

This includes moving away from costly hard wired 'warden call' systems to a compliant, lower cost, and versatile solution that is Digital Switchover ready. We provide touchscreens for all properties, contact from our team, plus a range of additional services.