Door entry

Low-cost, high specification door entry system that delivers video links via the Housing Proactive touchscreen to residents using a wireless network.

Feature rich door entry system

Delivers calls using WiFi

Video link to touchscreen

Audit trail of door entry activity

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What we provide

The door entry system from Housing Proactive is WiFi enabled and sends full colour, high resolution video calls of the visitor to a Housing Proactive touchscreen device in a resident’s property. The application on the touchscreen has a screen door release button and also enables residents to view a video call log of all visitors, whether missed or answered

In addition to the obvious security benefits of video door entry, the fact the resident can receive the door entry call on a device that is likely to be close to them (and not on the wall of a property which may be difficult to get to) is also highly appealing.

The advanced door entry systems offered by Alertacall provide an audit trail of all door entry activity and whether this was a resident, contractor, family member or staff member. This information can provide valuable health and safety insights. For example, data around whether someone has had any visitors, or how often someone has been in and out of their property could be used to help identify particularly at risk or isolated residents.

Key benefits

More advanced solution with health and safety insights

Major reduction in hard wired investment

Works from the comfort of an armchair!

Video link and door release from the Housing Proactive touchscreen

Increases levels of security

An alternative to hard wired systems

Many hard wired systems fixed on to the wall of a dwelling also include a door entry button, which communicate with a door entry system at the entrance to the building. This enables residents to unlock/open the front door of the building to allow visitors inside.

The requirement to replace these is because calls made by them that are answered by an alarm receiving centre may not work after Digital Switchover. This presents an excellent opportunity for housing providers to introduce lower-cost, higher specification systems that can deliver video door entry to residents using a wireless network and smart devices.

Find out how we radically improve housing management

Here you will find details of how Alertacall can help you reimagine services in properties with older people, or other higher needs occupants, to accelerate digital engagement, increase contact and improve tenant satisfaction .

This includes moving away from costly hard wired 'warden call' systems to a compliant, lower cost, and versatile solution that is Digital Switchover ready. We provide touchscreens for all properties, contact from our team, plus a range of additional services.