Housing Proactive Lite

A simpler version of Housing Proactive for residents who only require monthly and emergency contact.

proactive lite

Housing Proactive Lite

For residents who require contact monthly and in emergencies only – Lite is perfect!

Some residents only require occasional housing related contact and information in emergencies. Our Lite service is equipment free (nothing to install) and guarantees that contact each month whilst still allowing you to broadcast property related news.

Monthly Housing Related Contact

You can improve resident happiness, safety and gather the information you need to provide a great housing service because once a month every single one of your residents will receive a friendly call from our team to check that everything is in order at their property, to remind them of fire evacuation policy and to ensure that there are no outstanding repairs. The information from your residents is collated and sent back to you as part of our excellent reporting.

Buildings Emergency Messaging

Your residents will feel safer and better informed in an emergency, for example a power cut or if there is a fire or flood risk – so you’ll have less calls from them in to your own contact centre. That’s because our Buildings Emergency Messaging service allows you to broadcast messages at short notice to groups of customers by recorded phone call, SMS and email. You can now get your messages out – fast.

Property Satisfaction Surveys

You can increase customer satisfaction because our Property Satisfaction Surveys allow you to better understand their needs better and can therefore help you improve services. Your residents can receive surveys by telephone to help inform you about how their housing needs and opinions are changing. The information you gather can help you make proactive decisions about your service delivery.

Property Reminder Reports

You’ll help residents stay more organised and safer by reminding them of their fire evacuation policy, to test smoke alarms, go to appointments and pay their rent because YOUR Property Reminder Service will prompt them with a phone call, SMS message or email on days you have selected and on schedules you can specify. This can also dramatically decrease your workload by freeing up your staff from reminding customers to perform regular tasks.

Housing Management Reports

You can manage your housing more efficiently because easy to read Housing Management Reports give you everything YOU need to know about how your residents are using the service, whose needs might be changing and other statistics to inform your decisions. These are available by email or securely online.

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