Information for housing provider residents

Daily contact to keep you informed and protected, receive useful information from your housing provider at a time which is convenient to you and report repairs more easily.

daily contact

Our friendly team is there for you 365 days a year.

more freedom

No need to ‘wait around’ for housing support staff to call you.

stay up to date

Receive news and information from your housing provider.

report repairs

Directly connect with your maintenance team.

introducing the service

Many housing providers across the UK use the OKEachDay service to communicate with and protect their residents. If you live in a property managed by a housing association, it’s possible that you can benefit from the OKEachDay service through your housing provider for free.

Your housing provider will use the OKEachDay service to ensure they have daily contact with you 365 days a year, send out important news messages and monitor any housing repairs and maintenance.  If housing staff have an urgent message for you, such as reporting bogus caller activity or the need to evacuate an area because of a flood or gas leak, they can notify you instantly.

The system gives you the freedom to get on with your day without having to wait for the traditional morning call and as housing staff no longer have to make the calls themselves, they’ll have more time for person-to-person contact with you and other residents about housing related matters.

how does it work?

  • You will be given a special OKEachDay phone or something similar which will be installed by one of our team.
  • During installation, you will be asked to choose time(s) to suit you, e.g. 9:30am
  • Simply press the OKEachDay button on your phone anytime before your chosen cut-off time(s) each day. The handset must be down.
  • If you forget, we’ll remind you with a pre-recorded call 10 minutes before your chosen time(s) to press the OKEachDay button.
  • If there is any important information from your housing provider that day, you will get a call straight away after you press the OKEachDay button. Pick up the handset to listen to an automated message.
  • If you don’t press the OKEachDay button that day, one of our friendly team members will phone your landline or mobile to check everything is ok with you and your property and pass on any updates, news or information relevant to your service.
  • If after several attempts we are still unable to get in touch with you, we may depending on the service provided inform housing provider staff or other nominated contacts. This helps your housing provider track occupancy of properties which is helpful for fire and safety planning.

reporting repairs

OKEachDay makes it easy for you to directly contact your repairs team. To report a repair, pick up the handset and press the Repairs button on your OKEachDay phone. This will connect you directly to the repairs team at your housing provider.

Find out how we radically improve housing management

Here you will find details of how Alertacall can help you reimagine services in properties with older people, or other higher needs occupants, to accelerate digital engagement, increase contact and improve tenant satisfaction .

This includes moving away from costly hard wired 'warden call' systems to a compliant, lower cost, and versatile solution that is Digital Switchover ready. We provide touchscreens for all properties, contact from our team, plus a range of additional services.