WellBeing Proactive

Moving on from hard-wired alarm and warden call systems
increase safety and wellbeing

Improve contact and protect users with daily contact

provide cover 365 days a year

Detect changes in support required earlier

increase operational efficiency

Focus staff time and resources on where it is needed most

improve service coordination

Better align actions with housing & health providers

WellBeing Proactive

A unique daily contact service for health and social care providers when supporting people with higher needs in their own homes. WellBeing Proactive enhances service delivery, improves patient outcomes and reduces costs, all at the same time.

Social services teams, GP practices, hospitals and other social care or health professionals will see improvements when the service is provided to any of the following higher needs groups:

• Older people living on their own
• Those with chronic medical conditions e.g. diabetes, epilepsy
• Early stage dementia sufferers
• People with mental health issues
• Individuals with learning disabilities
• Those who are lonely and socially isolated
• Single people being discharged from hospital
• Victims of domestic violence
• Others who require OT or carer support

Wellbeing checks are delivered through the use of smart technology and a highly trained contact centre team, and can be used to deliver information and prompts, saving both cost and time. The service also helps to focus resource where additional customer support may be required.

put contact at the heart of your service

WellBeing Proactive is based upon the principle, pioneered by Alertacall, that by increasing contact with people, in a way the customer controls, you can better understand their changing needs, make better decisions and improve their lives.

This is in contrast to offerings that are reactive and encourage contact only in emergencies, like “alarms” or systems that are purely sensor based. These types of services engineer out real human contact because it is perceived as a cost, when in fact, if done well, contact is highly valuable.

WellBeing Proactive has been developed, tried and tested over a decade and gives outstanding value for money.

how WellBeing Proactive works

To access the service customers are given a special device. There are several versions available and all have our unique OKEachDay button. These are used by customers to control levels of daily contact and engage with various features of the service.

Perhaps the cleverest aspect of this approach is that quite frequently, as cognitive deterioration increases, or if customers become distressed, or unwell physically or mentally, they will often either inadvertently fail to press the OKEachDay button or consciously choose not to do so to speak to someone more often. In doing so this automatically results in more human contact at the precise time it is needed most.

This proactive approach regularly saves lives and guarantees that people get the help and support they need, even if they are unable to get it for themselves. This is unlike traditional “alarms services” which can be out of reach and offer little by the way of other benefits.

All activity around engagement is logged and recorded. The data is used to generate valuable management reporting information and actions that social care providers can use to make better use of their resources, do more, and act more preventatively.

Alertacall, providers of the WellBeing Proactive service, has partnerships with a range of other service providers and support charities like The Silver Line founded by Dame Esther Rantzen. This enables us to transfer and refer customers to those services where necessary and in such a way that those agencies also receive direct financial support from us as part of our model. Working with us can support them.

powerful AI detects changing needs

All customer engagements with the service are logged and recorded.

This information is used to generate management reports which are made available online in real time and help social care and health teams focus their time where it is needed the most. Many routine or time-consuming tasks are undertaken by the WellBeing Proactive system, both saving staff time, and enabling a greater focus on the activities of greatest benefit.

Changes in the way people engage with the service can over time indicate shifts in their needs, whether this is an improvement or deterioration in health, or simply indicating that different forms of support may be required.

Our AI has been developed by analysing years’ of customer engagements, and millions of data collection points. These insights enable earlier decision making when reviewing care packages, case reviews or prescribed medication.

Such changes can be rapid, for example in the case of a UTI, or more gradual in the case of some chronic respiratory conditions or dementia. Likewise, shifts in behaviour can indicate an escalating mental health crisis, making the service as relevant for individuals with mental health issues as well as physical conditions.


key benefits for social care & health

daily wellbeing checks

A highly cost effective way to confirm that customers are safe and well once a day, more often if required, 365 days a year.

reduce loneliness

The option of personal contact from a specially trained team 365 days a year to exchange information and reduce loneliness and isolation.

reduce missed appointments

Appointment reminders delivered by voice message (which is often more effective than SMS) will lower “no shows” at hospitals or GPs, or wasted journeys for in home visits.

fewer GP appointments and hospital readmissions

Daily contact, with medication and social prescribing reminders, will improve recovery rates and reduce the impact of the “worried well” on your services.

save staff time

With the confidence that daily wellbeing checks are in place and the ability to detect shifts in changing needs, WellBeing Proactive helps reduce the intensity of contact by service users with social care teams and health professionals.

proactive management reporting

Daily contact provides valuable insights when making decisions about the right care and support packages required.

improve patient mental health

All our team members are trained in mental health awareness and can provide valuable contact 365 days a year for those suffering stress, anxiety or depression, potentially reducing demands on health and social care services.

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