Easy to install, low cost environmental sensor – humidity and temperature readings 24 hours a day. Enables housing providers to reduce repair costs by identifying any issues earlier. Fill in the form below to find out more.

reduce risk

protect against the risk of homes not being habitable - comply with the Homes Act 2018.

save money

reduce repairs bills through the early detection of issues

protect residents

identify potential fuel poverty or payment arrears

reduce workload

online reporting portal - option for interventions team assistance available

introducing Envosense – environmental sensor

The Envosense sensor continually monitors the environmental aspects of properties that are some of the biggest contributors to repairs and maintenance costs for housing providers. Data collected hourly shows changes in humidity and temperature, and can be indicative of dampness, poor ventilation and heating failures.

In addition, excessive heating is often associated with fuel arrears, and underheating may be as a result of poor insulation or a customer experiencing fuel poverty. In both cases extended periods of over or under heating is commonly linked to a need for increased levels of housing management and poorer outcomes for residents.

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key features

small, discreet sensor

Only the size of a pack of playing cards, the sensor has a 5 year battery life and installation is easy - just stick it to a wall!

monitors 24 hours a day

Temperature and humidity readings taken on the hour with any anomalies flagged for further intervention. The service enables housing providers to take preventative action.

intervention team

Option to include assistance from an intervention team to investigate adverse readings, and escalate to your team as required.

mobile connection

No WiFi requirement - mobile connectivity and data costs included for all sensors, saves staff time as no need to manually check readings.

online reporting

Your staff can access the reporting portal in real time which also flags unusual or concerning environmental readings.

link with Housing Proactive

Can be integrated with the Housing Proactive housing management system - a service designed for managing properties for those with higher needs.

Service options

Envosense is available with or without the assistance of an interventions team. Pricing based on a minimum order of 100 sensors for a period of three or more years. Envosense also enhances our current Housing Proactive service offering. Prices based on per sensor per week – there is no cost for the sensor device itself.

Standard service

This covers replacements, data transfer and real-time reporting

Enhanced service

Standard service, plus intervention team support - specially trained team to investigate unusual environmental readings.

Housing Proactive Plus

For housing providers using Alertacall's Housing Proactive service, the intervention team is provided free of charge.

Housing Proactive Plus

Envosense can be provided standalone or integrated into the Housing Proactive service.

Housing Proactive is a housing management service designed specifically for properties with higher needs customers. It is tried and trusted by 40+ housing providers across the UK and has exceptional satisfaction ratings from both housing providers and residents. The service combines ingenious technology and passionate people to increase contact with residents, improve reportings on housing related issues and deliver service efficiencies.
For housing providers using Alertacall’s Housing Proactive service, assistance from the intervention team is provided free of charge.

For more information on Housing Proactive, click here.