increase efficiency

Focus staff time and resource where it's needed most and save time on routine tasks

improve communication

Service designed to enhance contact with higher needs residents about housing related issues

advanced analytics

Access online housing management reports in real time to track occupancy status and more

be preventative

Detect changing housing needs and potential issues with tenancy earlier than before

housing management for higher needs customers

Housing Proactive is a powerful service for managing properties in which there are people with higher needs. It is tried and trusted by 40+ housing providers across the UK and is highly rated by both housing providers and residents.

Through a combination of ingenious technology and a specially trained team Housing Proactive improves outcomes and efficiency of service delivery in sheltered and supported housing. It can also assist in the management of general needs properties in which there are higher needs people. It achieves this by improving contact around housing related issues on a proactive basis, 365 days a year.

The service is particularly useful in managing the housing of older people, those with learning difficulties, people with physical or mental health challenges, and individuals fleeing domestic violence – or anywhere where housing management tasks are above those ordinarily required due to the nature of the tenant group.

The implementation of Housing Proactive resolves many of the housing management challenges that have arisen around the gradual reduction in on-site staff. It makes it easier to identify potential repairs and maintenance issues and communicate details of when work is to take place, or when there are meetings about housing related issues. It also helps housing providers track the occupancy of their property for improved fire and safety planning. The system allows the rapid distribution of information in emergencies, for example, power-cuts.

how it works

Properties in which there are people with higher needs require more intensive management. Housing Proactive addresses these challenges by increasing contact with your higher needs residents about housing related issues in a way that is designed especially for them.

Residents routinely engage with our easy to use equipment to collect news, updates and other important information in relation to their property or tenancy.

Engagement also proactively confirms occupancy and that there are no outstanding repairs or issues that need reporting. If residents choose not to engage with their device, our team can call them to exchange information in a format more suitable to the resident.

In addition, Housing Proactive Plus includes an environmental sensor that monitors the temperature and humidity of a property. This helps detect when interventions may be required, and reduces the risk of non-compliance with the Homes (Fitness for Human Habitation) Act 2018.

All of our team members receive specialised training on communicating with higher needs groups and in relaying issues including repairs and similar matters, to their housing providers.

easy to use devices for residents

To access the service, residents are given a specially designed device installed in their property – all have our unique OKEachDay button and significantly improve how housing providers communicate with residents. The devices are used by customers to engage with various features of the service and control the level of contact they have with our team.

Devices available include:

  • Touchscreen – will work with or without on-site wifi
  • ContactHub – 2G/3G/4G
  • High-quality landline telephone (requires no additional power)

Housing Proactive Plus users are also provided with an Envosense environmental sensor.

touchscreen – getting residents connected

Designed specifically for the Housing Proactive service, our touchscreen device will enable you to address some of the key aims of your digital agenda and further increase resident engagement with your own self-service portal.

  • Simple to use with excellent messaging capability
  • Will work even if WiFi is unavailable
  • Able to work with your customer portal
  • No equipment, installation or maintenance costs
  • Free training for residents & housing staff

housing management information for housing staff

Data around service interactions is recorded and made available in real-time via secure online reporting. The reports provide oversight of the properties used by higher needs residents, including occupancy tracking, temperature and humidity readings, and a whole range of other useful statistics that help to detect changing housing needs.

fundable and trusted

Housing Proactive is a low weekly fee per property without any set up, maintenance or capital costs. It is used in thousands of properties and by some of the country’s most progressive housing providers. Where a service charge has been levied in sheltered housing in order to recover the cost of the service, the responsible local authority has deemed the service charge eligible to be met by housing benefit.


key features and benefits


The Repairs Hotline Button makes it easy for residents to make contact, and issues are identified earlier.

property checks

You can improve resident happiness and gather the information you need to provide a great housing service through daily housing related contact.


Your residents will feel more engaged because our news messaging service makes it simple for you to broadcast a message to residents


Makes it easy to schedule maintenance and demonstrate a real commitment to fire safety and emergency planning

property satisfaction surveys

Your residents can receive surveys by telephone to help inform you about how their housing needs and opinions are changing.

fundable and trusted

Housing Proactive is available for a low weekly fee per property without any setup or capital costs and is Housing Benefit eligible.

housing management reports

Gives you everything you need to know about how your residents are using the service, whose needs might be changing and other statistics to inform your decisions.

building emergency messaging

Allows you to broadcast messages at short notice to groups of customers by recorded phone call, SMS and email. You can now get your messages out – fast.

intervention team

Housing Proactive Plus clients also have hourly tracking of temperature and humidity, with a dedicated team that investigates abnormal readings.

Housing Proactive Plus –
includes Envosense

The Envosense environmental sensor is an easy to install, lost cost environmental sensor which takes humidity and temperature readings 24 hours a day. The service enables housing providers to reduce repairs bills through the early detection of issues, protect against the risk of homes not being habitable, and help identify potential fuel poverty or arrears.

Envosense can be provided standalone or can be integrated into our Housing Proactive service. With Housing Proactive Plus, when the sensor prompts an intervention, due to atypical readings, this will be undertaken by the same team who manage the Housing Proactive service. This has many advantages. For example, Housing Proactive occupancy tracking may indicate no cause for alarm in an underheated property if the tenant is away, or temperature readings may show a tenant has returned home from holiday or been discharged from hospital earlier than expected.

additional Envosense benefits for Housing Proactive customers

  • Free and unlimited messaging with residents based on Envosense readings
  • Additional data to assist with the management of your higher needs residents
  • Indications of changing needs detected earlier
  • Ensures staff time is directed to where the need is greatest

For housing providers using Alertacall’s Housing Proactive service, assistance from the intervention team is provided free of charge. The sensors are charged at 50p per week, per sensor.

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