Removal of Hard Wired Systems

An increasing number of housing providers are considering removing their hard wired systems because residents now have access to standard telephone lines and mobile devices which offer a more flexible approach to resident communication and one which is free of vendor tie-in. Housing Proactive can suggest strategies for undertaking this work and can advise about how to positively present the service change to residents.

Fire Safety Consultancy

Because of our expertise housing providers deliver positive service change. Many clients ask for our advice about fire safety, particularly where smoke alarms are connected to hard wired systems that are scheduled for decommissioning. Working with Safety Management UK, an established and highly regarded fire safety consultancy organisation you can be confident that you get the right advice in order to comply with legislation.

Telephone Based Door Entry

Telephone based door entry is an easy and flexible alternative to hard wired door entry systems. With a telephone based door entry system visitors to a building are connected to residents on their phone line, with a normal call. This makes it easy for residents to answer because they’re typically close to their phone and also allows for visitors to be redirected to a resident’s mobile telephone should the resident be out the property. Working with a number of telephone based door entry system providers we can help you with your project.

Revenue Optimisation

The housing sector is subject to constant change and it’s important to get the right advice about funding streams that are available to you, the legislation and case law around those funding streams – and solid advice about how you can use those funding streams to benefit your organisation and residents. All Housing Proactive clients are provided with free initial advice on this and other issues by a third-party revenue consultancy.

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