regular wellbeing checks

Delivered through the use of smart technology and a highly trained contact centre.

improves patient outcomes

Detects changing needs and saves lives.

enhances service delivery

Increases contact with service users & improves satisfaction.

saves time and money

Helps allocate staff time and reduces workload.


for health and care providers

A unique daily wellbeing check for health and care providers when supporting people with higher needs in their own homes. OKEachDay:

  • improves patient outcomes
  • enhances service delivery and,
  • reduces costs

All at the same time!

Daily contact has proven to have many benefits, from reduced hospital admission rates to reducing the effects of social isolation. The service can be introduced to those needing to self isolate or shield as we can set up individuals on the service with no face to face contact or even access to their home.

OKEachDay specifically improves the key performance indicators for those involved in:


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Alertacall-Graphic Hospital discharge and reablement Adult social care provision Mental health service provision Domiciliary care Domestic violence refuges & shelters Supporting those with chronic medical conditions Homelessness services Community health & integrated care support Alertacall-Graphic Hospital discharge and reablement Adult social care provision Mental health service provision Domiciliary care Domestic violence refuges & shelters Supporting those with chronic medical conditions Homelessness services Community health & integrated care support


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Wellbeing checks are delivered through the use of smart technology and a highly trained contact centre team, and can be used to deliver information and prompts, saving both time and money. The service also helps to focus resources where additional customer support may be required.

put contact at the heart of your service

OKEachDay is based upon the principle, pioneered by Alertacall, that by increasing contact with people, in a way the customer controls, you can better understand their changing needs, make better patient decisions and improve their lives.

This is in contrast to offerings that are reactive and encourage contact only in emergencies, like “alarms” or systems that are purely sensor based. These types of services engineer out human contact because it is perceived as a cost, when in fact, if done well, contact is highly valuable and can prevent avoidable expenditure.

The service has been developed, tried and tested over a decade and gives outstanding value for money.

how OKEachDay works

To access the service customers are given a special device, from specially designed telephones to touchscreens. All devices have our unique OKEachDay button. These are used by customers to control levels of daily contact either digitally by pressing the OKEachDay button, or by speaking to one of our team members.

Perhaps the cleverest aspect of this approach is that quite frequently, as cognitive deterioration increases, or if customers become distressed, or unwell physically or mentally, they will often either inadvertently fail to press the OKEachDay button, or consciously choose not to do so. In doing so this automatically results in more human contact at the precise time it is needed most.

This daily proactive approach regularly saves lives and guarantees that people get the help and support they need, even if they are unable to get it for themselves. This is unlike traditional “alarms services” which can be out of reach and offer little by the way of other benefits.

All activity around engagement is logged and recorded. The data is used to generate valuable management reporting information. Analysis of customers’ patterns of engagement enables health and care providers to make better use of their resources, and act more preventatively.

COVID-19 is no barrier to setting up individuals on the service and can be especially valuable for health and care providers who are limiting contact with their patients/ customers. Click here to find out more

powerful AI detects changing needs

All customer engagements with the service are logged and recorded.

This information is made available online in real time helping care and health teams focus their time where it is needed the most. Many routine or time-consuming tasks are undertaken by the OKEachDay system, both saving staff time, and enabling a greater focus on the activities of greatest benefit. The system can provide a vital safety net as it operates 365 days a year, providing support at times when staff resource is more limited.

Changes in the way people engage with the service can over time indicate shifts in their needs, whether this is an improvement or deterioration in health, or simply indicating that different forms of support may be required.

Analysis of engagement with our services shows deteriorations (and improvements) in health. For two months the customer above displayed strong levels of independence, which was then followed by an inconsistent pattern indicating the needs for increased support.

Our AI has been developed by analysing years’ of customer engagements, and millions of data collection points. These insights enable earlier decision making when reviewing care packages, case reviews or prescribed medication.

Such changes can be rapid, for example in the case of a UTI, or more gradual in the case of some chronic respiratory conditions or dementia. Likewise, shifts in behaviour can indicate an escalating mental health crisis, making the service as relevant for individuals with mental health issues as well as physical conditions.

key benefits for care & health providers

daily wellbeing checks

A highly cost effective way to confirm that customers are safe and well once a day, more often if required, 365 days a year.

reduce loneliness

The option of personal contact from a specially trained team 365 days a year to exchange information and reduce loneliness and isolation.

reduce missed appointments

Appointment reminders delivered by voice message (which is often more effective than SMS) will lower “no shows” at hospitals or GPs, or wasted journeys for in-home visits.

fewer GP appointments and hospital readmissions

Daily contact, with medication and social prescribing reminders, will improve recovery rates and reduce the impact of the “worried well” on your services.

save staff time

With the confidence that daily wellbeing checks are in place and the ability to detect shifts in changing needs, WellBeing Proactive helps reduce the intensity of contact by service users with social care teams and health professionals.

proactive management reporting

Daily contact provides valuable insights when making decisions about the right care and support packages required.

improve patient mental health

All our team members are trained in mental health awareness and can provide valuable contact 365 days a year for those suffering stress, anxiety or depression, potentially reducing demands on health and social care services.

If you want to find out more about how OKEachDay can help support you provide services to those living in their own homes, or in temporary accommodation, call us on 0808 208 1234 or email

delivering OKEachDay during the COVID-19 pandemic

The OKEachDay service has been provided to thousands of individuals during the COVID-19 pandemic. Some of our clients have said they simply would not have known how they would have coped so well without our service. The service has been a vital tool when there have been both customer and staff self isolating and so many changes of working practices that have needed to be accommodated.

A survey undertaken in July 2020 amongst social housing providers across the country was overwhelmingly positive, with 93% scoring the overall service 4 or 5 out of 5 in helping them maintain their services to residents during the pandemic. Housing, health and care providers have found themselves on the front line of providing services to those identified as being at a higher risk. Lockdown has also presented teams with many unique and difficult operational challenges to overcome, such as:

  • customers/patients shielding or self-isolating
  • colleagues being absent and avoiding face-to-face contact
  • major changes in working practices

OKEachDay has proved an invaluable system, especially those responsible for older people, learning disabled, people with physical or mental health challenges and those fleeing domestic violence. The survey highlighted three key benefits:

  • confirming wellbeing while there are increased levels of remote working and less face to face contact
  • increasing customer communication – both when you need to dissipate information and making it easier for individuals to reach you
  • tackling social isolation during lockdown – particularly for those shielding

In June 2020 Home Care Insight, the domiciliary care publication, identified OKEachDay as the number 1 innovation during the COVID-19 crisis, delivering both an increase in the amount of support individuals receive, at the same time as reducing costs.

The service can be introduced without requiring access to a person’s home as devices are ‘plug and play’, and the simplicity of the service for individuals means both set up and usage is exceptionally straightforward.

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