Adult social care provision

Regular wellbeing checks and reassurance calls helps social care teams increase capacity, reduce costs, and make it easier to review care and support plans.

adult social care

Adult care costs are rising across the country. Since 2016/17 there has been a 9% increase in unit costs for adult social care. Social care continues to be the most significant factor impacting councils’ finances.

Ageing populations and increasing complexity of need are frequently cited as drivers of this increase, but there are multiple factors e.g increases in the minimum and living wage. This represents a significant financial strain on councils, however, council budgets are unlikely to receive significant boosts to funding so the trend of increasing costs will need to slow or plateau.

Local authorities need to look to provide novel ways of providing care. OKEachDay does just that, offering social care teams the opportunity to increase capacity, reduce costs, and make it easier to review care and support plans. This is achieved in various ways:

  • Ability to notify service users of appointments and visits, reducing no shows and unwanted trips
  • Using daily contact to detect changes in needs whether this be gradual, such as some forms of dementia, or quick as with a UTI.
  • Using data from both digital engagement and our team’s feedback to inform case reviews, enabling more dynamic management of support plans.
  • Check wellbeing of higher risk patients, whether due to physical or mental illness, at times when no visit is taking place.
  • Substituting some personal visits with daily wellbeing checks, once or more often a day, to reduce costs or increase capacity.
  • Offering low cost daily contact to the socially isolated, lonely and suicidal.

Furthermore, our services are ideal for older people where a pendant or other wearable alarm has been advised but the person is either reluctant to have such a device, or is known not to wear it. Our private customer service is a great alternative and receives very high levels of customer satisfaction. Please go to the website to find out more.

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