Domestic violence refuges and shelters

Discreet daily checks which establish safety, improve tenant communication and help identify void properties.

domestic violence refuges and shelters

According to Women’s Aid, over 7,000 women and children stay in a women’s refuge on average at any one time. As this accommodation is not providing permanent homes, given most occupants stay only a few months, very many more are helped over the course of the year.

Alertacall provides services to women’s refuges. As with other vulnerable groups, our daily check establishes that everything is fine with the resident and their property. Along with all the valuable benefits our services provide we enable providers of women’s refuges to operate more efficiently.

Organisations are able to use the messaging capability of our services to keep residents informed of repair or maintenance needs for their property, provide safety advice, and inform of other help and support available.

The temporary nature of the accommodation means it is not always known how long a woman may be resident. She may prefer to stay with friends or relatives, or return to her original home. When this occurs is not always known to the housing provider and can lead to properties being left vacant. The OKEachDay service quickly identifies any property that has been vacated or abandoned. Being able to reduce these voids means that more women and families can be helped with the same level of accommodation and resources, a critical benefit in a sector where demand for property far exceeds supply.

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