Hospital discharge and reablement

Smart devices combined with reassurance calls to help increase contact and improve communication with patients to reduce hospital readmissions.


OKEachDay users are significantly less likely to be admitted to hospital, and their average length of hospital stay is shorter. In 2019 adults over 65 who were discharged from hospital were 20% more likely to be readmitted to hospital within 28 days, than those in receipt of our service. Furthermore, the average length of hospital stay for OKEachDay users was almost one third shorter. Aston University research conducted in 2019 also found that daily contact post discharge could cut readmission rates by up to 40%.

Analysis of NHS figures show that in 2018 there were over 400,000 Delayed Transfer of Care days (DTOC days) caused by patients well enough to go home, but waiting for an appropriate care package to be put into place. The features of the OKEachDay service mean many patients can be discharged sooner.

Why is this?

  • Daily contact is provided to check wellbeing. This can be once, or more, a day.
  • Patients can speak to a member of a team, every day if they wish.
  • We can give medication and appointment reminders, and even social prescribing messages such as exercise prompts.
  • We are able to track engagement patterns identifying if health is improving or deteriorating
  • If required we escalate to get help. This can be to nominated contacts such as family, care team, or if necessary the emergency services.

As a result a patient receives help sooner than otherwise would be the case and before their condition has worsened further.

We provide special compact devices that patients can be provided with upon hospital discharge. This ensures there is no gap in support from the moment the patient leaves hospital.

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