Supporting those with chronic health conditions

Daily wellbeing checks and reassurance calls to help individuals with long term health conditions and reduce the workload in primary care, emergency services and other community health teams.

upporting those with chronic health conditions

OKEachDay services help a range of health and care providers, both in their own roles, and also when working with other sectors such as social housing or social. This includes:

  • Occupational Therapists
  • GP practices
  • Other community based health care
  • Emergency services, including fire and ambulance
  • Other Allied Health Professions (AHPs)
  • Pharmacies, podiatrists and other health providers

Individuals and organisations dealing with a predominantly older age group, or other higher needs individuals, offering OKEachDay will not only be able to offer a complimentary service which aids the person’s wellbeing, but doing so is likely to reduce the workload of that organisation.

OKEachDay serves as a safety net and ensures wellbeing is established 365 days a year.

The benefits you will see include:

  • Daily wellbeing checks once, or more, a day. This gives the opportunity to reduce the number of appointments for some patients/customers.
  • Those who are socially isolated or lonely can become dependent on contact with AHPs. OKEachDay’s service gives people the ability to talk to a trained team member, every day if they wish, reducing demands on time.
  • The ability to deliver customised messaging such as medication reminders or exercise prompts. Such prompts lead to increased compliance, which in turn produces higher recovery rates.
  • Social prescribing communications alerting someone to an event or activity can be delivered.

The service can be funded by the organisation or can recommend the individual may benefit if they wish to take out their own subscription. Our private customer service receives very high levels of customer satisfaction. Please go to the website to find out more.

To find out more about how OKEachDay can help call us on 0808 208 1234 or email

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