Most common questions asked about the Clever Contact service from Alertacall. You can always call our team freephone on 0808 208 1234.



how is the phone installed in my home?

We give you a high-quality specialised phone which has an OKEachDay button on it which simply plugs into your phone socket.

what do you do if you cannot make contact with me?

We always try calling you on all your phone numbers first. If our team cannot make contact with you then we will notify your nominated contacts.

who should I choose as my nominated contacts?

Choose someone who is likely to know where you are, or lives nearby, and will be able to come and visit you if we are unable to contact you. Most people nominate friends, family or neighbours as their chosen contacts. We ask you to provide up to three nominated contacts. If you live in sheltered accommodation, your nominated contacts could be your housing officer.

when do I need to press the OKEachDay button?

You can press the OKEachDay button anytime before a time chosen by you. It is only at this agreed time if we had not had contact from you, that our team would call you. Most people choose a time in the morning after they have got up and some people have an evening time too. For example, if the latest you would normally get up is 8:00 am – we would probably suggest 9 am as your ‘cut off time’. That gives you an hour to then press the OKEachDay button.

do I have to wait for an agreed time to press the OKEachDay button?

No – you can press anytime before your chosen cut-off time.

what happens if I press the OKEachDay button by mistake?

It’s absolutely fine. Our system will simply log the button press.

how do I change my cut-off times / nominated contacts?

Lift the handset and call the OKEachDay team using the Customer Service button. We will simply update your records. You can change this whenever and as often as you want.

can I use the phone provided by you for normal calls?

Yes, the phone works on your own phone line and you can use it to make and receive calls as normal. All regular calls you make will appear on your phone bill as usual. It’s free to press the OKEachDay button and call us using the Customer Services button

can I use my existing phone?

Yes, you can use your own phone alongside the OKEachDay phone. All our OKEachDay phones have a double socket adapter so you can plug your existing phone into this.

does the phone work with broadband internet?

Yes – the phone works with broadband internet. If you already have wifi you will have a ‘microfilter’ which ensures the phone and the wifi both work. If you get wifi after you have started using Clever Contact, call our team by pressing the Customer Services button and we can explain how to plug this in.

what happens if I am going away on holiday or have a hospital appointment?

Please let us know by picking up the handset and pressing the Customer Services button on the OKEachDay phone which connects you through to us free of charge.

what happens to my own phone?

You can continue to use your own telephone as normal and plug in the OKEachDay telephone too (our phone lets you do this) or you can replace your existing handset with ours which can be used as a normal phone.

do I need another telephone line?

The OKEachDay phone works on your own telephone line and you can use it to make and receive calls as normal. All regular calls you make will appear on your phone bill as usual.

can I change my contact times?

Yes, you can change it whenever and as often you want. If you would like to make your cut-off time earlier or later, simply call us using the Customer Services button.

what happens if there is a power cut? Will I still be able to check in?

Yes, the phone provided by us is not plugged into the mains and will operate as a stand-alone

how do I contact your team if I want or need to?

You can speak to a member of our team by picking up the phone handset and pressing the Customer Services button which will put you immediately though. Also, if you do not press the OKEachDay button at your chosen time, one of our highly trained support team will then contact you.

does my phone number change in any way?

No, the OKEachDay phone works on your own telephone line and you will not need to change your phone number.

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