Integrated care

Services from Alertacall which promote and enhance collaboration between organisations in the housing, health and social care sectors.

integrated care

enabling collaboration

We have created services that materially improve the co-ordination of organisations involved in housing, health and social care.

These work in such a way as to both improve patient outcomes and deliver major efficiencies for providers in all three sectors.

WellBeing Proactive delivers the following benefits:
  • Reduce DNAs (numbers missing appointments)
  • Materially reduce DETOC events
  • Reduced hospital readmittance and fewer GP appointments
  • Attend to critically at-risk people earlier and prevent deaths
  • Greater efficiency for ‘at home’ visits.
  • Improve well-being and mental health
  • Make earlier and better targeted interventions
  • Improve patient feedback process

All this is achieved by proactive daily contact and clever messaging, thus serving as a valuable aid in preventative medicine, and enabling increase throughput for all agencies.

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our services

Housing Proactive

Enables housing providers to improve contact and reporting on housing related issues for properties in which there are higher needs groups.

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WellBeing Proactive

Enables social care & health providers to improve outcomes for older people and other higher needs groups.

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Clever Contact

For private individuals seeking to maintain independence in their own home. Available from only £4.00 a week.

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Reduce repairs bills through the early detection of issues, protect against the risk of homes not being habitable, and help identify potential fuel poverty or arrears.

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