Smoke alarms

Multi-sensor smoke alarms which connect intelligently and reduce false alarm activations to improve resident safety.

smoke alarm
smoke alarm

Mains or battery powered

Communicate reliably and wirelessly

Provide self-reporting and testing data

Multi sensor alarms

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What we provide

Alertacall provides multi-sensor smoke alarms that do not need to be physically connected with a wire/cable to hard wired alarm and intercom systems, thus saving substantial infrastructure costs. Activations can be monitored as they are now, with contact being made to residents via the Housing Proactive touchscreen.

The touchscreen enables a comprehensive fire safety approach to be implemented. For example, prompting to test alarms, notifying of fire safety procedures, and communicating evacuation points. In the event of a fire, or other need to evacuate, the Housing Proactive system identifies those residents who are staying away from their property.

Key benefits

Wired or 10 year lithium iron battery

Sends signals offsite to be monitored

False alarm reduction built in

Easy to communicate fire safety procedures

Moving smoke alarms away from hard wired systems

Many housing providers with sheltered and supported housing prefer that smoke alarms in individual dwellings have false alarm reduction and/or have the ability to be monitored externally. In addition to smoke alarms in individual dwellings many also have a ‘landlord’ system, typically installed in the communal areas of such buildings. Where these are connected to hard wired alarm systems, or other alarm systems, they may need to be replaced. Individual property smoke alarms may need to be replaced at the same time as landlord systems to ensure compatibility.

If hard wired alarm and warden call systems are removed, those smoke alarms will need to continue to act as audible warning systems in accordance with fire safety guidelines. Although not essential, some housing providers may also want them to continue to be monitored.