daily contact drives outcomes

Customers engage with our devices each day to pick up news and information relevant to their service or they are called by our highly-trained team. The content and nature of any contact depends entirely on the service they are using and the outcomes required. E.g. Our Housing Proactive service creates housing management benefits for sheltered and supported housing.

Our most popular device looks like a telephone and works through the landline, it can also be used alongside an existing phone. We also have devices for those who do not have a landline and there is a tablet version too.

press OKEachDay

To receive news and information relevant to the service they are using (e.g. for a Housing Proactive user this could be an update about a reported repair), customers press the OKEachDay Button on their device anytime before a time chosen by them, either once or twice a day . It’s free to press, only takes a second and they can then get on with their day.

messages and notifications

When the OKEachDay Button is pressed we can make the device play a message. Housing providers often use this feature to inform residents of any maintenance issues or to invite them to a meeting. The system can also be used for individuals reminders, e.g. to prompt someone to test a smoke alarm, or pay a bill.

reminder to press

To help people remember to press, customers are sent a reminder around 10 minutes before their chosen time.

contact initiation

If they still don’t press the OKEachDay Button, one of our friendly team members will phone the individual’s landline or mobile to establish contact, verify occupation and to pass on any relevant news or information e.g. that a workman might be visiting today. This also means customers always have the option of contact 365 days a year to report any issues.

handover process

Depending on the service required, any information that needs relaying to other parties - for example if a customer requires a repair to their property, if we are concerned that a property is unoccupied or if we believe the customer or property is at risk in some way can be passed on to nominated contacts including family members where appropriate.

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