Wearable alarm, falls and activity monitors that work inside and outside of the home

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Sim card included

GPS tracker

Wrist worn tracker style device

Includes falls detector

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What we provide

Assistive technology has dramatically evolved in the last 10 years, reflecting the large breadth of individual wants and needs of users. Not all residents will routinely wear or engage with an alarm, and housing providers should therefore strongly consider making alarms available on an assessed or as needed basis, and not by default.

Where a wearable alarm is the right solution, Alertacall offers a variety of different devices that are more tailored to the individual. Our devices are wrist worn and, being less obtrusive, tend to be worn more frequently. Each has a broader range of functions, including not being dependent on a base station. The inclusion of a Sim card ensures devices work outside of the home.

At the time of Digital Switchover some dispersed alarm systems will continue to work as normal, some may be unreliable in certain circumstances, and some may not work well at all. All Alertacall wearables are already designed to work after Digital Switchover.

Key benefits

Activity tracker and alerts

One annual battery change

Data costs from sim card included in the cost

Two way communication with wearer

Why alarms are not suitable for everyone?

Wearable alarms – usually worn around the neck or on the wrist – can be lifesavers, but it is important to note that only 3 out of 4 people wear their alarms most, or all, of the time. Even if they are worn many may not choose to, or are unable, activate them in an emergency. Thus, they are not the right solution for many, and ‘no news’ is definitely not always good news when it comes to confirming the health and safety of residents.

Find out how we radically improve housing management

Here you will find details of how Alertacall can help you reimagine services in properties with older people, or other higher needs occupants, to accelerate digital engagement, increase contact and improve tenant satisfaction .

This includes moving away from costly hard wired 'warden call' systems to a compliant, lower cost, and versatile solution that is Digital Switchover ready. We provide touchscreens for all properties, contact from our team, plus a range of additional services.