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Instead of cabling a hard wired system – deploy a WiFi network and promote digital inclusion.

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It is now possible to provide fast, strong WiFi access across a building at a fraction of the overall cost of a fully cabled network. Furthermore, a WiFi network can be deployed without the need to go into resident properties and, therefore, without the need for expensive or extensive decoration. To implement, Wireless Access Points are typically placed in corridors and only require a tiny amount of cabling, compared to a wired network.

WiFi networks can be used to make it easier to deploy and support CCTV cameras, environmental sensors, telecare devices, touchscreen and other smart devices – as well as potentially enable internet access for your residents. A WiFi network in your building can also make it easier for staff members to access vital services.

Implementing a WiFi network has a broad range of benefits for both residents and the housing providers and could offer a greater return on investment.

Key benefits

Allows for a whole new range of new services

Enables increased resident digital engagement

Easier and less disruptive than a hard wired solution

Dramatically lower cost option

Digital Switchover 2025 Guide

Transitioning to digital services in older person's accommodation

In this briefing, you will find:

  • How it will affect properties and services
  • The strategic implications and opportunities for social housing providers
  • The financial impact - designing a cost-effective approach
  • Housing Proactive case study - start your digital pathway