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About us

Founded in 2004, Alertacall is the first organisation in the world to specialise in the development of technology to improve daily contact designed to keep people independent and drive meaningful outcomes.

Alertacall pioneers the principle that by increasing contact with people, in a way the customer controls, you can better understand their changing needs, make better decisions and improve their lives.

Alertacall was founded by the CEO James Batchelor, the original inventor of the “I am okay” button. He was inspired by the changing needs of Eveline, his own staunchly independent grandmother and her desire to remain in her own home for as long as possible.

The company now improves the lives of tens of thousands of people. It works in partnership with dozens of organisations in housing, health and social care and has many private customers.

Alertacall employs team members from all across the UK, with offices located in Windermere, Cumbria, and Warrington, Cheshire. The company has a strong and experienced leadership team and comprises passionate experts in customer services, technology, operations and product development.

Alertacall was Highly Commended at the National Business Awards for Innovation. Its shareholders are all Board Members and driven by a desire for the company to improve contact and well being for as many people as possible and to improve the lives of everyone the company comes in to contact with.


Financial status

Alertacall is a company with a top credit rating. Dun & Bradstreet analytics have deemed Alertacall to be in the lowest risk category in terms of financial risk, thus placing us in the top 3% of all UK businesses with the highest possible probability of success and return on investment.

Data analysis also shows that in an industry where the average financial success score is 51/100, Alertacall scores 98 – well above the average for its industry group.

Our strong financial standing is supported by the fact that we are an ever-evolving business that is trusted by, and works in partnership with, dozens of housing associations and health and social care organisations – as well as many private customers.


Alertacall is accredited to the ISO9001 standard for Quality Management and ISO27001 for “Information Security Management”. In 2015 the company beat over 100 other companies at the UK National Business Awards to be Highly Commended For Innovation.