Company and Structure

Alertacall is thought to be the first company in the world to specialise in the development of technology to improve daily contact with independent people.

The founder James Batchelor is believed to be the original inventor of the “I am okay button” a version of which is developed and marketed by the company as the OKEachDay Button. The service was inspired by the changing needs of the founder’s own 87 year old grandmother “Eveline” who became the first ever beneficiary of its services and its OKEachDay Platform.

Whilst the founder made significant capital investments in to the company, it has otherwise grown organically with high levels of investment of its own income in to new development and growth. It now trades profitably and sustainably providing services to tens of thousands of people and working with dozens of organisation in the housing, health and social care space.

There are three material shareholders all of whom are active Board members and strongly motivated by the opportunity for the company to act as a vehicle for achieving socially positive outcomes directly or by investing in other similar socially positive ventures.


Alertacall is accredited to the ISO 9001 standard for Quality Management and ISO 27001 for “Information Security Management”. In 2015 the company beat over 100 other companies at the UK National Business Awards to be High Commended For Innovation.

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our services


Improves contact with higher needs residents in sheltered, supported or general needs housing and reporting on housing related issues. Helps providers focus their staff time and resource.

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A preventative approach to integrated care that helps identify people with changing needs, improves transfers of care, medication and appointment compliance, and lowers admission rates.

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social care

Delivers improved communication with higher needs people, allowing providers to devote more time to those people in greatest need.find out how you could benefit

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Gives individuals confidence to live independently without wearing a device. The only service centred around maintaining daily contact.

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