information guides

Briefing for housing – those responsible for older person’s accommodation
‘Digital Switchover 2025 – Transitioning to digital services in older person’s accommodation – click here

Research findings – ‘Digital Engagement in Social Housing’
Survey undertaken with over 200 UK housing professionals – click here

Information guide (August 2020):
COVID-19: How enhanced housing management has been delivered during the pandemic’ – click here

Briefing paper (June 2020)
‘Digital engagement: 8 challenges and how to overcome them’ – click here

Practical guide for housing (Jan 2019):
‘Moving on from hard-wired alarm and warden call systems.’ – click here

Briefing paper (Sept 2018): ‘How technology choices are making people isolated and lonely, and what commissioners of technology in social care, health and housing need to consider.’ – click here


CIH Ideas Lab 2 (September 2020)
‘from customer portals to digital switchover – how does your digital agenda compare with others?’ – click here

Support Solutions and SupportedHousing.Blog webinar, including Housing Proactive (September 2020)
‘Enhancing Housing Management: Utilising new digital technology and the funding options available’ – click here

CIH Ideas Lab 1 (July 2020)
‘Successful strategies for improving digital engagement’ – click here

Housing Proactive online seminar (July 2020)
‘Enhancing Housing Management in 2020 – Housing Benefit/Universal Credit, technology and more!’ – click here

Housing and Health conference, Lancaster University (December 2019)
‘Combining digital technologies and human contact to improve outcomes in housing and health’ – click here

National Centre for Rural Health & Care (October 2019)
‘How innovative daily contact can reduce loneliness and promote safety, wellbeing and choice for older people’ – click here

TAI – CIH Wales (May 2019)
‘How to improve contact with residents, increase team efficiencies and enhance your overall service proposition’ click here

West Midlands Care Association (May 2019)
‘How daily contact with higher needs people increases support, identifies changing needs, reduces loneliness – and saves money’ – click here

Scotland’s Housing Festival – CIH Scotland (March 2019)
Staying safe, living well: Using technology to keep older people safe, in control & connected’ – click here

Healthy Ageing: The Grand Challenge (March 2019)
‘How Daily Contact with Older People can Unlock Powerful Preventative Actions, Reduce Loneliness and Save Money’ – click here

EROSH London Networking Event (December 2018):
‘Housing Proactive: An introduction’ – click here

Independent Living Scotland 2018 (Sept 2018):
‘Assistive technology for those with higher needs: the best approaches & the potential risks’ – click here

Social Care Reform: Improving care and support for older people (Nov 2018)
‘How Daily Contact with Older People can Unlock Powerful Preventative Actions, Reduce Loneliness and Streamline Social Care Provision’ – click here

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