Mission and values

Alertacall has a clear purpose and a set of values that guide us in everything that we do and our people aspire to be.

mission and values

Alertacall’s mission statement

“We bring together ingenious technology and passionate people to create the world’s best contact services which improve wellbeing, protect life and detect changing needs.”

Alertacall pioneers the principle that by increasing contact with people, in a way the customer controls, you can better understand their changing needs, make better decisions and improve their lives.

It seeks to do this by improving access to daily contact with accolade winning services that bring together a combination of ingenious technology, like the OKEachDay Platform, with passionate people who are continually invested in and developed.

Alertacall also seeks to be a 100 Year Company striving to exist and thrive for a century or more. This ambition means that decisions are made on the basis they should have real and lasting value for the organisation, its people and customers.

values, culture and people

Alertacall prides itself on its investment in its people and seeks to improve the lives of everyone it comes in to contact with, including its team members, customers, partners and suppliers.

Alertacall people have strong values and consider themselves to be

  • Passionate
  • Progressive
  • Reliable
  • Knowledgeable
  • Caring

The company’s workplaces are vibrant and colourful, the dress code is relaxed and team members are encouraged and helped to explore their own passions and interests.

Alertacall makes personal coaching, counselling, management and leadership development available to all team members who seek it and encourages people to strive for real authenticity in their communication with others. Team members also regularly benefit from team development and activity days.

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