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OKEachDay Personal – Call 0808 208 1234 to find out more

If you live on your own and are staunchly independent – or have a family member who is, then our OKEachDay Personal service offers protection with a ‘daily check’ that takes just 2 seconds or the choice to speak to our award winning team 365 days a year.

It’s simple, either press our OKEachDay button before an agreed time or you will receive a call from our friendly team – all for less than £4.00 a week. This process puts you in control, gives contact when its needed and preserves both dignity and privacy. Reminder calls and prompts are included free.

OKEachDay Personal can reassure family members, help people feel less isolated and can even be a life saver because it can prevent people from being left for long periods in emergencies. Our customers have included spitfire pilots, dam-busters and famous musicians – and thousands of exceptional every day people just like Eveline, our founder’s own grandmother who inspired the invention of the service many years ago. And, you’ll love our team – they’re friendly, fun and might one day even feel like friends.

So how does it work?

Choose your preferred device, all have our OKEachDay button and can be used to contact us 365 days a year – and most can have friends and family buttons too.


Portable Touchscreen

Our easy to use Touchscreen has a number of options, including the ability for friends and family members to broadcast messages and photos to it.


Big Button Telephone

The lowest cost option that has also has a button that can be programmed to a friend or family member.


Mini Mobile

Our small, portable mobile phone can have buttons customised to meet your needs, including buttons specifically for friends and family members.
Includes SIM card.


App for smartphones

Our app can be installed on Android or Apple smartphones. This is for customers more familiar with their smartphones and technology.
Coming 2024

You are given the choice to engage with our OKEachDay button in your own time to confirm occupancy (e.g. daily or weekly) or otherwise receive a call from a specially trained team at a chosen time, who are available 365 days a year.


The OKEachDay button
gives customers freedom to get on with their day and has several features that make it reliable. It takes 2 secs to press and that is logged in occupancy reports.

When OKEachDay is pressed we can message the device, making it easy to keep individuals or groups informed. This also encourages engagement. We can also prompt customers to engage with a ‘gentle’ reminder call or message.


Our brilliant team
will attempt to call the customer multiple times to talk and will also use customer’s own numbers.

Dialogue can be optimised for different groups, e.g. Housing – where we check property status, can exchange repairs info and perform basic surveying work. Health and support options are also available.

Contact from a specially trained team

Action can be taken if we have reason to believe a property or person is at risk, this can be tailored to meet your needs, for example we can call a neighbour, friend or family member.


Data informed decisions
Every interaction is logged and recorded, this lets us see patterns that might indicate a customer issue.


Handover and escalation
We will contact your friends, family or emergency services if we think there are critical risks.


Secure online reporting
Family members can view interactions with customers and use this to help them make important decisions.

  • Regular contact
    Controlled through an easy to use device and provided by a highly trained contact centre.
  • Stay independent
    Daily contact can reassure friends and family members in a way that enabled you to live independently for longer.
  • Friendly people
    Our team are highly trained, but most importantly – they’re exceptionally friendly.
  • Feel safe and protected
    If contact isn’t made with you, we will let someone know.