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  • Improve 2-way contact
  • Prevent undiscovered deaths
  • Reduce risks of isolation
  • Regularly saves lives

OKEachDay regularly confirms the occupancy of a property and helps you have better two-way contact with older people and others with higher needs. There are three versions.


Our company founder and his grandmother – who inspired OKEachDay

The nature of contact delivered through OKEachDay is different depending on the version, e.g. housing providers use our contact to exchange information about repairs, bills and property related matters.  We also have versions for care and support organisations and private individuals. Only OKEachDay combines technology like our OKEachDay button, messaging and analytics – with skilled human contact in this way.

Nature of regular contact
Care and Support
Proactive occupancy and property checks
Tenant satisfaction contact and questions
Fire safety messaging and reminders
Repairs messaging and updates
Rent or bill payment prompts
Other locality messaging and alerts
Integration with housing management systems
Messaging in relation to care and support
Extra long conversations to reduce isolation
Well-being checks (e.g. how are you feeling?)
Medication and exercise reminders
Appointment reminders for doctors/dentist
Earlier detection of risks and incidents
Escalation and handover options
Secure online reporting for staff

Choose a device to make available to your customers, all have our OKEachDay button and can be used to contact us 365 days a year. Devices can often be customised to meet your exact needs.


Portable Touchscreen

Allows for digital engagement, messaging and self service. Also see our Housing Proactive service.
Includes SIM card.


Big Button Telephone

The lowest cost option that has also has a button that can be programmed to a hotline (e.g. repairs) or a family member.


Mini Mobile

Our small, portable mobile phone that can have buttons customised to meet your needs. Perfect for large scale low cost deployments.
Includes SIM card.


App for smartphones

Our app can be installed on Android or Apple smartphones. Note, few older or higher needs people fully engage with smartphones.
Coming 2024

Customers are given the choice to engage with our OKEachDay button in their own time to confirm occupancy (e.g. daily or weekly) or otherwise receive a call from a specially trained team at a chosen time, who are available 365 days a year. Contact can be customised, e.g. for housing.


The OKEachDay button
gives customers freedom to get on with their day and has several features that make it reliable. It takes 2 secs to press and that is logged in occupancy reports.

When OKEachDay is pressed we can message the device, making it easy to keep individuals or groups informed. This also encourages engagement. We can also prompt customers to engage with a ‘gentle’ reminder call or message.


Our brilliant team
will attempt to call the customer multiple times to talk and will also use customer’s own numbers.

Dialogue can be optimised for different groups, e.g. Housing – where we check property status, can exchange repairs info and perform basic surveying work. Health and support options are also available.

Contact from a specially trained team

Action can be taken if we have reason to believe a property or person is at risk, this can be tailored to meet the needs of you and your customer.


Data informed decisions
Every interaction is logged and recorded, this lets us see patterns that might indicate a customer issue.


Handover and escalation
We will contact your staff, friends and family or emergency services if we think there are critical risks.


Secure online reporting
Your team members can view our interactions with customers and use this to focus their time.

Critical facts you need to know when deploying ‘OK buttons’ and daily contact services. Good news – OKEachDay has all these covered.

Always offer human contact because relying entirely on automated tools can materially increase isolation. We have an award winning specially trained team that is simply brilliant.

Never allow customers to mark themselves ‘away’ without speaking to a human and without the right follow-up processes because doing so increases the risk of an undiscovered incident. We take real calls, ask questions and have checks in place.

Always keep an OK button totally separate to an alarm or ‘emergency’ button otherwise it increases the risk of confusion. Our OKEachDay button is always separate for this reason.

Make sure that any contact centre is trained in outbound conversational calling and the specialism you need (e.g. housing) because most are not. We are trained in several techniques and have no fixed call length limits.

Always try and have an OK button that is in sight, and in the customer’s main living area – not on a wall – if you want maximum engagement. Our devices are designed for this.

Get all your teams onboard and excited because them realising this is about empowering them will make your project more successful. We can and will train your teams.

Work with organisations that are skilled in this because its totally different to alarm receiving and requires specialised software and skills to deliver this at scale. We are the experts.

“The quality of contact from Alertacall’s team is really something, I’ve listened to their calls and they are both caring and compassionate”

Dame Esther Rantzen


If you would like to know more please contact us.

Who we help

  • By Sector
  • By Role
  • General needs housing
    Increased oversight of older and higher needs people who currently do not receive any additional support .
  • Housing for older people
    Enhanced housing management for those in supported accommodation to improve the effectiveness of housing teams .
  • Hospital Discharge
    Digital devices with regular ‘check ins’, medication and appointment prompts that improve patient outcomes and reduce readmission rates.
  • Domiciliary care
    A stepping stone service to in-home care, and a valuable complement to existing care provision providing additional reassurance checks.
  • Senior leadership teams
    Working across the organisation to design the most successful digital engagement initiatives which are future proofed, and work for all parts of the organisation – including tenants
  • Housing teams
    With a growing tenant base of older people and other higher needs groups, housing teams need increased oversight of tenants’ needs, at the same time as reducing their own workload.
  • Asset teams
    The forthcoming digital switchover requires an upgrade or alternative to hard wired systems. Our Beyond Warden Call system is easy to install, maintain, compliant, and is much more than a like-for-like replacement.
  • Digital transformation and IT teams
    Fully realising the benefits of self service transformation requires high adoption levels amongst even the hardest to reach groups. Find out how we overcome these challenges.
  • Procurement and finance teams
    Find out how we are not just a low cost option, but one with high levels of funding and demonstrable returns on investment.
  • Hospital discharge
    Increase the efficiency of the hospital discharge process, reduce Delayed Transfers of Care, and levels of readmission.
  • Domiciliary care
    Secure new clients with a low cost ‘stepping stone’ service into domiciliary care, or a hybrid solution with traditional home care visits, that helps meet clients’ budgets or helps with staff shortages.