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Digital telecare and wearable alarms

Alertacall offers a variety of wearable alarms that can be tailored to each individual and their needs.

Our selection of devices include GPS and falls detection and can be worn in multiple ways, inside and outside. Their choice and flexibility means they are a welcome alternative to more obtrusive devices and tend to be worn more often.

Our devices can be deployed within a matter of weeks, helping to avoid the expense of replacing or maintaining hardwired systems. They are Digital Switchover ready.

Devices can integrate with your own alarm receiving centre or you can move to a digital based TSA accredited to ARC through Alertacall.

Not everyone will want or need to have digital telecare in place, which is why we offer our alarms on a case by case basis. We have found that our digital telecare can be particularly useful for those who:

  • Have recently been discharged from hospital
  • Have mobility concerns
  • Are at risk of falling
  • Have no local family or support network
  • Have memory loss or dementia
  • Have been victims of bogus callers, hate crime or domestic abuse


  • Devices and systems that can be used inside and outside the home
  • Can be offered on a case by case basis
  • No cabling required
  • Long battery life
  • Data from SIM card included in the cost

Benefits for providers

  • Reduces spending where there isn’t a need
  • Avoids the high costs of hardwired systems
  • Increased wearing from customers

Benefits for customers

  • More choice and flexibility
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Supports safe, active and independent living
  • Provides reassurance and access to support in an emergency

If you would like to know more please contact us.

What we do

  • Solutions
  • Products and services
  • Optimising staff resources
    Reducing time spent on routine and less productive tasks to enable housing teams to focus on where the needs are greatest
  • Digital Switchover
    Our ‘Beyond Warden Call’ alternative to hard wired alarm systems is easy to install, low cost, compliant and is Digital Switchover ready
  • Avoiding undiscovered deaths
    A 365 day a year ‘check in’ service, with contact centre back up and escalation pathways to avoid a lack of contract going unnoticed
  • Beyond Warden Call
    Easier, simpler and lower-cost ‘warden call’ with a portable touchscreen and self-service.
  • Housing Proactive
    Increase two-way engagement with customers for more effective housing management.
  • OKEachDay
    A service that keeps customers safe, and live independently for longer in their own homes.
  • Repairs reporting
    A free repairs app helps customers request repairs themselves, and accelerates digital engagement.
  • Video door entry
    Full colour, high resolution video giving customers the ability to answer calls and let people into their home without having to leave their chair.
  • WiFi
    Commercial grade WiFi allowing you to move away from costly hardwired systems, promote digital inclusion and future proof your services.
  • Video calling
    Dramatically improve efficiency compared with personal visits with the ability to video call tenants in their own home .
  • Environmental sensors
    Wireless detectors that highlight changes in humidity and temperature, indicating problems with damp and mould, poor ventilation or heating failures.
  • Smoke alarms
    A fire safety solution using wireless multi-sensor smoke alarms with online reporting to track their performance remotely.
  • Digital telecare and wearables
    Digital Switchover ready devices, that include GPS and falls detection, and can be worn both inside and outside of the home.