Environmental sensor

Easy to install, low cost environmental sensor – humidity and temperature readings 24 hours a day.

sensor device

Battery powered, 5 year guarantee

Temperature and humidity monitoring

SIM card data transfer – no wifi required

Cloud based reporting portal

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What we provide

The Envosense sensor continually monitors the environmental aspects of properties that are some of the biggest contributors to repairs and maintenance costs for housing providers. Data collected hourly shows changes in humidity and temperature, and can be indicative of dampness, poor ventilation and heating failures.

In addition, excessive heating is often associated with fuel arrears, and underheating may be as a result of poor insulation or a customer experiencing fuel poverty. In both cases extended periods of over or under heating is commonly linked to a need for increased levels of housing management and poorer outcomes for residents.

Key benefits

Helps comply with the Homes (Fitness for Human Habitation) Act 2018

Reduce repairs bills through the early detection of issues

Identify potential fuel poverty or payment arrears

No cost for sensors