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93% satisfaction rating amongst housing provider clients – Housing Proactive

Image for 93% satisfaction rating amongst housing provider clients – Housing Proactive

Housing Proactive, the housing management service from Alertacall, has received excellent customer feedback from housing providers across the UK.

In January 2019 Alertacall distributed a client satisfaction survey to contacts at the housing providers we work with, across 4 tiers of seniority: director level, department head, team leader and housing officer. We received 99 respondents from 35 housing providers across the UK, with the majority of responses (60%) coming from frontline staff themselves.

The feedback we received was both insightful and positive. The vast majority scored the service very highly, with 93% awarding either 4 or 5 out of 5 for overall satisfaction. Housing Proactive also achieved a Net Promoter Score (NPS) of +62 which is considered outstanding. The NPS is a recognised index used by organisations to measure the willingness of customers to recommend their products or services to others, and is used for gauging customer experience, overall satisfaction, and brand loyalty. For more information on NPS and comparison scores for major multinationals click here..

In fact, Housing Proactive scored very highly across all of its service features: property management, time efficiency, resident communication, online reporting and impact on customers.

Property management – resolving maintenance issues quickly

Housing Proactive has a range of features which enables housing providers to better manage property maintenance issues. This includes daily property checks to quickly identify any housing issues and occupancy tracking, which enables housing teams to schedule work accordingly. There is also a repairs hotline button on all devices which connects residents through to their maintenance team. 77% felt that the service helped them better manage properties.

Increased time efficiency

Housing Proactive aims to reduce the time that staff have to spend on property management, helping better focus their time and resources where it’s needed most. 73% of respondents find that the service saves them time.

Improved resident communication

Resident communication is at the heart of the Housing Proactive service, from contacting residents for daily property checks to recording and disseminating telephone messages to residents – anything from urgent messages, to notifications of scheduled maintenance work, and reminders such as testing fire alarms. Housing Providers consider the recorded messages one of the service’s best features. 80% find that Housing Proactive improves resident communication.

“I make use of the messaging function a lot and it really helps communicate with my residents while saving time” –
EB, Housing Officer

Valuable online reporting

Housing Proactive has a suite of management information provided which housing teams access online. As well as real time information on the status of each property, the system also demonstrates how residents are interacting with the service, identifies those whose housing needs might be changing as well as other useful statistics to inform decision making processes. In the survey, 84% found the online reporting valuable.

Residents value the service

Housing Proactive is seen as a significant service improvement by residents as it makes it easy for them to receive new and information from their housing provider at time convenient to them. 86% deem the service to have a positive impact on their customers.

“This service has enabled us to manage our properties more effectively and has highlighted different aspects from

abandonment to rent arrears – and even changes to customer patterns” SC, Independent Living Team Leader

For a copy of our infographic and more information on how your organisation and residents can benefit from our range of housing management features, email or call us on 0808 208 1234.