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Alertacall donates £1000 to charities this Christmas

Image for Alertacall donates £1000 to charities this Christmas

This Christmas we are pleased to donate £1000, on behalf of our valued clients, to our three nominated charities, Shelter, The Trussell Trust and Silver Stories.

We reached out to representatives at each of our nominated charities to find out just how important donations are to them.

Silver Stories – Received a donation of £320

Founded by Lis Carney-Haworth OBE and David Carney-Haworth OBE, Silver Stories brings together children (Silver Readers) along with older people (Silver Listeners) to read stories, usually through a phone call. This creates an opportunity for children to build confidence in their reading skills, but also establishes connections for older members of the community, helping to reduce their chances of feeling lonely and isolated.  

Creators of Silver Stories David and Elisabeth Carney-Haworth OBE said: “In difficult times when people’s finances are particularly stretched it is such a privilege to receive donations for our Silver Stories charity. This reflects how people understand the magic of Silver Stories and the wonderful connections made through the weekly calls from Silver Readers to their Silver Listeners. 

“We have Silver Readers and Silver Listeners linked around the country, sharing stories and developing relationships with each other that have a positive benefit for both parties. Making connections, developing friendships and, in particular, doing this across the generations, is so important and every penny donated to Silver Stories will be well used to further develop our work. ‘Thank you’ perhaps feels like two very small words but from us they are two very heartfelt words to all at Alertacall and their clients. 

“Your donation will make a difference”. 

Shelter – Received a donation of £330

Shelter campaigns for better investment in housing and for laws and policies to improve the lives of homeless and badly housed people. It’s a very real possibility that some families and children will be homeless this Christmas, forced to sleep rough and seek shelter from the cold.

Jenifer Wainwright, Community Fundraiser at Shelter, said: “Shelter exists to defend the right to a safe home, and we can only carry on our vital work through the support of individuals and organisations such as Alertacall and we thank them for joining our cause.”


The Trussell Trust – Received a donation of £350

The soaring cost of living means more and more people are being forced to use food banks and charities such as The Trussell Trust will be under huge pressure this Christmas. 

Samantha Stapley, chief operations and people officer at The Trussell Trust, said: “Thank you to Alertacall for their support. Soaring food and fuel costs are affecting us all, but for families on the very lowest incomes this crisis means so much more and more people are likely to need a food bank’s help. Food bank teams are working tirelessly to ensure help continues to be available. But ultimately, no one in the UK should need a food bank – all of us should have enough money for the essentials like food, clothing and heating. The support of Alertacall will help food banks within our network continue to provide the lifeline of emergency support for local people in crisis, while we work in the long term to end the need for food banks, for good.” 


Volunteering our time

In addition to donations, Alertacall colleagues volunteered to meet residents and join in party games with residents of housing association Pickering and Feren Homes.

Martin Cutbill, Director at Alertacall, said “We understand times are tough for people and often one of the first sacrifices people make is their donation to charity. This Christmas Alertacall has decided to support three fantastic charities, Shelter, Trussell Trust and Silver Stories, who all do amazing work, and we hope the money raised will help them to achieve their aims. We were also able to volunteer our time to our client, Pickering and Feren Homes, which gave us a chance to give back and really get into the Christmas spirit.”