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Catching up with Ben Lambert, Head of Client Development about Scotland’s Housing Festival

Image for Catching up with Ben Lambert, Head of Client Development about Scotland’s Housing Festival

The Alertacall Team love to attend events and their next stop is Glasgow for the CIH Scotland Housing Festival.

We caught up with Ben Lambert, Head of Client Development to talk about plans for the event.


What do you and the team enjoy most about exhibiting at events?

Firstly it’s brilliant to see folk in person. Importantly, events are a great way to showcase our touchscreen technology. Demonstrating the product in person highlights how easy it is to use for tenants, and shows housing providers how they can increase engagement, security and connectivity for their customers. And of course, it gives people the opportunity to see how it works and ask questions.

Personally, it’s also a great opportunity to sneak off stand to attend some of the excellent talks throughout the day hearing about the developments within the housing sector and discussing some of the challenges faced by those in service delivery. 


What do Alertacall have planned for the stand at Scotland’s Housing Festival?

I’m excited about this because we’re changing things up from last year with a whole new look. Our main goal is for housing providers to see what our products & service offer look like, how they work and importantly how they can help their tenants and organisation as a whole. Of course, the main focus has to be the customer, but it’s vital that any services deployed need to benefit the organisation too.  

  • There will be the opportunity to demo our award winning touchscreen, featuring a whole host of features to make life easier for customers and staff – such messaging, repairs reporting, access to tenant portals, video door entry, tenants surveys and OKEachDay services. 
  • We’ll show people about how the touchscreen is adaptable and can be integrated into existing systems or be a great stand alone set-up.
  • People can pick up two of our white papers for more in depth content on digital engagement and digital switchover. 
  • Oh yeah, and the chance to win a bottle of champagne


How can Alertacall products and services address the needs of housing providers in Scotland?

First and foremost our products and services are designed to be easy to install, easy to use and best placed for engaging with higher needs people – be that older persons services, LD, domestic violence or homelessness. 

The sector is up against it with all the recent legislation & mandates from the regulator, so whether it’s needing to increase two-way engagement, improve digital inclusion, better understand tenant needs (i.e. through the Tenant Satisfaction Measures), get ready for digital switchover or simply wanting to create a better customer experience for their tenants, we have a range of services that will serve the many needs of providers in Scotland. 


Where will the Alertacall stand be at the event?

We’ll be on stand number 8. We’ve got a new stand set up this year, which I’m looking forward to seeing.


If Housing Providers aren’t attending the event but would like to speak to you, how can they get in touch?

It’s easy – simply send an email to, and we’ll get a meeting booked in over the coming weeks.