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Housing Proactive Plus launched to further improve repairs performance for housing providers

Image for Housing Proactive Plus launched to further improve repairs performance for housing providers

Alertacall is excited to launch Housing Proactive Plus, an extension of the company’s Housing Proactive housing management service. The new service incorporates all the housing management features of Housing Proactive and includes an environmental sensor measuring temperature and humidity. The sensor will enable housing providers to detect maintenance issues earlier, comply with recent legislative changes aimed at landlords, and identify potential cases of fuel arrears or fuel poverty.

Housing Proactive increases contact with tenants for more effective housing management. The service has been primarily developed for managing properties housing older tenants or those with higher needs. The service is in place with over 40 organisations across the UK and is a cost-effective way to significantly improve tenant communication, repairs performance and service delivery.

The service maintains daily contact with tenants, in a way which they control, 365 days a year. Tenants routinely engage with a range of devices specially developed by Alertacall, including telephones, mobile hubs and touchscreens or alternatively they receive a phone call from a member of our highly trained team.

The system generates detailed management information from tenant interactions, such as occupancy tracking reports to help schedule maintenance work, and has extensive messaging capabilities, which makes it easy for housing providers to keep tenants informed of property management issues.

When the sensor prompts an intervention, due to atypical readings, an intervention team will investigate the potential causes. In cases where there is cause for concern then the housing provider will be notified. For Housing Proactive Plus clients this investigation is undertaken by the same team who manage the core Housing Proactive service. This has many advantages, for example, occupancy tracking may indicate no cause for alarm in an underheated property if the tenant is away, or temperature readings may show a tenant has returned home from holiday or been discharged from hospital earlier than expected.

Housing Proactive Plus gives housing teams additional data access via the online reporting platform to assist with property management. The data provided also helps to detect changing housing needs and ensure staff time is directed to where it’s needed the greatest. Additionally, the service makes it easy for housing teams to send out individual and group communications to tenants based on the sensors’ readings.

The sensors are charged at 50p per week, per sensor, and for housing providers using Alertacall’s Housing Proactive service, assistance from the intervention team is provided free of charge.

Martin Cutbill, Director of Alertacall, commented:

“The launch of Housing Proactive Plus is an important addition to our housing management portfolio. The sensors will give housing providers greater insight into the condition of their housing stock and highlight potential maintenance issues. The information will help ensure housing providers comply with the Homes (Fitness for Human Habitation) Act 2018 and also provide a valuable tool in helping to identify fuel arrears and fuel poverty.”

For more information on Housing Proactive Plus and to try an environmental sensor for free, contact Benjamin Lambert, Head of Client Relations, on 0808 208 1234 or by email to