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Join Alertacall in celebrating Starts at Home Day 2022

Image for Join Alertacall in celebrating Starts at Home Day 2022

Today we’re celebrating Starts at Home Day 2022, a day to highlight the dedication and tireless efforts that allow vulnerable and older people to have a safe and secure home, where they can retain independence.

It reminds us all that a decent home is the first essential for people who need society’s support to live independent and fulfilling lives. Services like Alertacall allow them to live in a home environment and helps ease the pressure on the NHS and care services.


How can Alertacall help?

Our OKEachDay service supports housing providers and gives loved ones added peace of mind over the health and safety of residents. It also ensures housing management teams have more time to focus their efforts on supporting tenants in the greatest need and in delivering a more efficient service.

Our core service allows residents to signal they are ‘OK’ each day, rather than only make contact when something is wrong. This provides our partners with greater assurance that everything is OK at their property because in some cases, no news is not always good news!

Our touchscreen also gives tenants the ability to report an issue with their property and log a request for repair, which can be tracked online and in real-time. This enables housing management services to react quickly to any issues.

Two-way communication is also a core element of OKEachDay and proved to be invaluable during the recent pandemic and lockdowns. Messages detailing everything from health warnings, resident news or general updates can be received and sent from the device. Tenants have the comfort of knowing there is always someone available to speak to or interact with.

Ahead of the much-publicised Digital Switchover, which will see hard-wired analogue systems switched off in favour of digital, our OKEachDay device is primed and ready as it has digital wi-fi capability built-in. A recent survey suggests more than 50% of local authorities have no strategy in place to prepare for the digital switchover. This is obviously a concern for the sector as residents could be left without essential services.

Starts at Home Day is an important moment in the calendar, as it raises the profile of these crucial services. Find out more about how you can get involved.


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