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looking ahead to 2020 – Alertacall developments

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The UK certainly had an eventful year in 2019, and it was a year that marked some major milestones for Alertacall. In the summer we launched our touchscreen device, adding much greater flexibility to the delivery of our services, and helping housing, health and social care providers increase digital engagement with their customers.

Then in the Autumn came another launch, our environmental sensor, which monitors changes in temperature and humidity, enabling housing providers to detect potential maintenance issues, and meet the requirements of the Homes Act. In addition, the sensor identifies those living in environments that can contribute to ill health. Also, thanks to our continued growth Alertacall opened up a new larger office in Warrington.

We have plenty in store for 2020! These are some of the key developments:

  • Sensor intervention team – to enhance the value of our environmental sensor we are creating an intervention team to investigate atypical or abnormal readings. We then only notify you of instances where follow up is required. This will be a free service for Housing Proactive clients.
  • Assisted hospital discharge – Alertacall customers are significantly less likely to be readmitted to hospital following discharge, and their average hospital stay is shorter than for a comparable population group. We will be launching a service to support individuals when they return home.
  • Wearable alarm options – a great complement to our existing services for those who are willing to wear dispersed alarms. Support will be available 24 hours a day.
  • In-home telehealth services – for those who have higher needs and with one or more medical conditions that they are able to help self manage. This allows individuals to measure their own blood pressure, heart rate, breathing and so on, and for the data to be transmitted automatically to clinicians.

We would love to tell you about both our recent launches and our upcoming innovations. Please do get in touch with our team if you would like to know more on 0808 208 1234 or email In the meantime we wish you a very successful 2020.