Mental health provision, including social isolation

A unique wellbeing check and reassurance call service which also detects changing needs over time.

mental health provision

With one in 6 UK adults suffering from mental health issues in the UK, a large proportion of the population is affected at some point in their life, with anxiety and depression being the most common condition. The contact centre team at Alertacall has been trained in speaking to individuals who may have one or more mental health conditions.

This includes a mental health awareness Course (Level 1) provided by MIND. MIND has also delivered suicide alertness training provided to all our contact centre team. Most full-time staff, including all of our team leaders, have passed the MIND written Mental Health Awareness college course (level 2).

In addition, we are part of “Dementia Friends“, an Alzheimer’s Society initiative. We do not place productivity measures, such as the number of calls made or call length, on our team members. Importantly, our team takes the time to listen to each customer and ensure a friendly and professional service at all times.

We deal with large numbers of individuals living in either their own home or in those owned by housing providers. We provide a daily check, either initiated by the individual or by Alertacall. According to Mental Health England, people who are more socially connected are happier, physically healthier and live longer, with fewer mental health problems. Our services allow those individuals who want to get on with their day to do so uninterrupted, and for those who value the social interaction, our service users can speak to our team – every day if they wish.

Some other important benefits are:

  • Provides daily confirmation everything is fine.
  • Offers reassurance calls to individuals.
  • Detects changing needs over time, which in turn helps identify additional needs. We can highlight if a mental health issue is improving or deteriorating.
  • We provide birthday cards and Christmas cards to our customers to reinforce our support and show we care.

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