regular contact

Contact you control up to 365 days a year

stay independent

Daily contact in a way which is convenient to you.

friendly people

A highly experienced team you can talk to.

feel safe and protected

If contact isn’t made with you, we will let someone know.

a simple & effective way to feel safer

Clever Contact, an Alertacall service, helps you feel safer because it confirms you are OK each day and, if you are not, our team will notify a person who cares.

Importantly, you are in control of how much contact from our team you get.

There is no need to wear any device and it only takes 2 seconds a day.

how does it work?

  • We will send you a smart new phone with an OKEachDay button on it.
  • You press the OKEachDay button anytime before one or more times chosen by you each day, e.g. after you get up and before going to bed.
  • If you do not – one of our friendly team will call you to ask how you are.
  • If after several attempts we can’t get hold of you, we will then notify friends or family you’ve nominated.
  • In some cases, we will inform the emergency services if we think it’s necessary.

daily contact vs pendant alarm systems

Not everyone likes wearing a pendant alarm – and many forget to wear them.

Many telecare services also work on the basis that ‘no news, is good news’. Sometimes it just isn’t.

Our service does not require anything to be worn and can do so much more, such as medication or appointment reminders.

did you know…

It is thought that an overwhelming majority of people who have a pendant alarm do not wear them every day and only a relatively small number of people actually use them in a real emergency, making their benefits minimal for many people.


phone features

Easy to use – simply plug in

The phone plugs in to your phone line and will work even in the event of power cuts.

Works alongside your existing phone

It works on your own phone line and you can use it to make and receive calls as normal. Works alongside your existing phone or you can use it instead of your current phone.

No landline? Alternative device provided

A special OKEachDay device is provided to anyone who does not have a landline.


payment options

from £4.00 a week

This includes your brand new OKEachDay telephone, which is guaranteed for as long as you use our Clever Contact service.
Most customers are not required to pay VAT, speak to one of our team and we can advise you.

phone deposit:


(exc. VAT) for phone.

one month

free trial

monthly fee:


(exc. VAT)

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