regular contact

Using the OKEachDay phone or touchscreen, 365 days a year.

stay independent

Daily contact in a way which is convenient to you.

friendly people

A highly experienced team you can talk to.

feel safe and protected

If contact isn’t made with you, we will let someone know.

introducing OKEachDay

feel safer at home

OKEachDay helps bring reassurance because it confirms you, or a loved one, are safe and well each day. To keep you safe, if ever we’re worried about you, we’ll let people you’ve specified know.

so how does it work?

You simply confirm you’re OK each day by pressing the OKEachDay button on a specially developed device that we’ll send to you. If you don’t press the OKEachDay button, you’ll receive a friendly phone call from a caring member of our highly trained team at a time you have chosen, e.g. 10am. You can choose up to 3 contact times a day. Importantly, you are in control of how much contact you receive from our team.

Perfect for older people, or those with health conditions, living on their own, who like to be in control, want to feel safer and want to help reassure friends and family.

There is no need to wear any device – it works through either our smart OKEachDay telephone or touchscreen device. Alternatively, you can use the service with your own telephone.


visit our new website

or call the OKEachDay team on 0808 163 0088