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Find out why these people make our service unrivalled.

Image for Find out why these people make our service unrivalled.

Alertacall’s contact centre team are the people that bring contact to life. At the forefront of the relationship with residents and tenants, they allow daily contact to be simple, efficient, and, meaningful via the OKEachDay service.

The team work 365 days a year to contact people in receipt of the  OKEachDay service, Checking safety and wellbeing, reporting repair requests and responding to incoming calls, amongst a whole host of other activities – including making happy birthday calls to tenants and residents.

The Alertacall Contact Centre is a close-knit well trained team who have a passion for what they do. 

The team are in contact with many higher needs individuals and are trained in dementia and Alzheimer’s awareness, mental health issues, responding to incidents of domestic abuse, and many others including safeguarding.  

The team recognise that some of the tennants and residents may be potentially isolated and  regularly take the opportunity to speak to any  who may want a ‘quick chat’ about the weather or their grandchildren. 

The expert team also have oversight of tenant and resident activity and can escalate concerns based on changing patterns of behaviour. They work closely with housing association staff, who are on the ground and able to make visits in person to assess any the implications for the management of their property.

If you are interested in finding out more about how your tenants and residents can benefit from daily contact with our team via the OkEachDay service, get in touch