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Keeping residents safe this winter: Fuel Poverty Awareness Day

Image for Keeping residents safe this winter: Fuel Poverty Awareness Day
01-12-2022Health and Care

Concern about the cost of living and energy crisis, and the subsequent consequences, continue to remain high across the country. At a time when we have also recently learnt the shocking news that a toddler, Awaab Ishak aged 2, died as a result of mould exposure in a housing association flat, it is clear that more needs to be done to keep people safe this winter, and beyond. 

Right now there are 6.7 million UK households in fuel poverty who are having to make the unthinkable choice between having a meal or heating their home. Those who are living in cold, damp homes are seeing their surroundings deteriorate further in these colder months, and their physical and mental health are being impacted. 

Even with the Government’s energy price guarantee, which has now been extended past the original cut-off to March 2024, and pledges of financial support to come, we need to act now. 

With Alertacall’s Housing Proactive Plus service, housing providers can ensure the safety of their residents and homes every day via the OKEachDay button. If a tenant doesn’t confirm all is ok by pressing their button on their touchscreen device, by their agreed time, a member of our team will call to check-in with the resident. In the event we can’t reach them the housing provider is notified so that swift action can be taken. The touchscreens provided to residents as part of our Housing Proactive Plus service also include eight different methods of communication between landlords and tenants, including a free repairs reporting app, an app to collect tenant satisfaction measures (TSMs) and flexible two-way messaging. 

Because we are passionate about combining ingenious technology with human contact, our caring call centre staff are able to get to know those residents who prefer to receive regular calls. This human contact means that we can provide advice if needed, or raise any concerns we may become aware of, directly with housing providers.

Right now, with the backing of clients, our team is focussed on being aware that some residents might be struggling to buy food as a result of the cost of living and energy crisis. If during their regular contact they believe someone may benefit from additional help, the team is providing advice on how they can access or be referred to local food banks, obtain food vouchers and arrange deliveries. Any major concerns would, of course, be escalated to housing providers directly. 

Alertacall also provides easy to install environmental sensors that monitor humidity and temperature 24 hours a day. The sensor continually monitors the environmental aspects of properties that are some of the biggest contributors to repairs and maintenance costs for housing providers. Data collected hourly shows changes in humidity and temperature, and can be indicative of dampness, poor ventilation and heating failures.

A detection of underheating may be as a result of poor insulation or a resident experiencing fuel poverty. Knowing this information will enable housing providers to take action where needed, supporting those who may need additional help, and preventing any potential future damage to the property. 

If you would like to discuss how Alertacall can help you this winter with increasing resident safety, or if you would like to find out more about any of the products and services references in this article, book a free no-obligation demo or get in touch by emailing