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Alertacall CEO made Honorary Teaching Fellow at Lancaster University

Image for Alertacall CEO made Honorary Teaching Fellow at Lancaster University

James Batchelor, the Founder and CEO of Alertacall, has been made an Honorary Teaching Fellow at Lancaster University and an “Entrepreneur in Residence”.

Lancaster University is one of the best Universities in the UK. It ranks top 10 in all three major national league tables, and is also highly ranked in international league tables.

James is a successful entrepreneur, inventor and investor who has helped create a number of ventures over the last 25 years and who now has a particular interest in creating technology to improve contact for higher needs groups, such as the ageing population. 

Allan Discua Cruz, who leads the Entrepreneur in Residence programme at the University said:

“It’s fantastic news that James has made himself available to support the University in this way, his real experience at getting new projects launched and finding routes to market for products and services will be of exceptional benefit to our community. James is also an expert on technology for the ageing population and that’s an obvious area of interest for the University and our students, who may go on to create their own ventures to service that market.”

As part of the Entrepreneur in Residence programme, James will be working with a group of other entrepreneurs and business owners providing insight, mentorship and support to both students at the Lancaster University Management School, as well as other business owners and directors from the region. James has already lectured at the University about entrepreneurship and start-up businesses, as well as having supported several projects and events.

James Batchelor, founder and CEO of Alertacall said:

“By enrolling people with hands on experience of business, Lancaster University have created an exceptional learning environment for students and a great resource for the entire region. It’s great to be able to help other people from such a diverse range of backgrounds all interested in business, innovation and entrepreneurship, and shape the ambitions of those who may be the business leaders of the future.”