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‘take positive steps now’ – interview with a Clever Contact customer

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03-04-2019Personal Use

What do Clever Contact customers and those who are using the OKEachDay phone really feel about the service? We interviewed Anne Walker, a 75-year old living in Cumbria, about why she chose the service and how it has made a difference to her life.

For Anne, it is all about taking positive steps now to make sure she can continue to do all the activities she enjoys in life into the future. She was keen to stress that those approaching later life should not be afraid to investigate how they can protect their independence while they are still in good health.

Anne, a former Lake District cook, said:

“I enjoy going out to classes and to meet other people. It’s important for me to get out, I’m independent. But I’m perhaps not as mobile as I once was so I decided three years ago to put things in place so that I can go on living as I want to but with the added peace of mind that I’ve got help on hand if I need it.

“The peace of mind this has given me has been invaluable.

“I’ve got really good neighbours who look out for me, but they work, and I don’t want to become a burden to anyone in the future.”

Anne lost her husband three years ago. She initially looked into a service that provided her with a wrist-worn alarm to summon help if ever it was needed. But the device had its limits, Anne realised, and could not be activated if she was not wearing it or if she was unable to press the button.

Then, a chance conversation with a neighbour brought her attention to Alertacall and the Cumbrian firm’s Clever Contact service and the OKEachDay phone. The simple system was up and running in Anne’s home within days and she said she has never looked back.

“I was very interested in the OKEachDay phone because I could let someone know I was OK at the press of a button. I just felt this was a bit more secure because if they didn’t hear from me they would get in touch to check I was OK. There was no chance something could happen and it would be days before help arrived.”

“I press the OKEachDay button at a time which suits me, for me that’s around 8.40am in the morning and once again at night – it’s really quite satisfying that someone is there if I need them and I will get a call at an agreed time if I’ve not pressed.”

Anne was born in Penrith and has lived in the Lakes since she was 20. A stairlift and some handy rails have been installed at her home so they can be used if needed. She made the decision to use the OKEachDay phone because the Clever Contact service fitted around her life rather than the other way around. She sees it as something that will maintain her independence and confidence without intruding upon her privacy.

“I enjoy going to classes,” Anne said. “I get myself out.

“In the winter, if I feel fed up in the cold and dark, I’ll go shopping to cheer myself up and I visit family in Manchester on the train.

“I’m a very independent person, I’m young at heart. So I’ve put things in place that make life easier for me since my husband died and I’d recommend more older people do the same.

“Clever Contact gives me real peace of mind. What’s more, my family are reassured there is confirmation every day that everything is fine. It is as simple as pressing a button. Equally, they know if I don’t press, I will get a call and help if I need it.”

James Batchelor, founder of Alertacall, said he was delighted the technology he had invented to help his own grandmother, Eveline, was now making such a difference to other people.

“It’s lovely to hear how Clever Contact is working for Anne – that it is giving her peace of mind that she can live the independent and active life she wants while help is on hand if required.

“The OKEachDay phone puts people in control, they can have as much contact as they want and it won’t stop them from going out or getting on with what they had planned for the day.

“I’m proud that the Clever Contact service is helping people to do this, particularly as more and more will want to continue to live in their own homes for as long as possible in the future.”

For more details on the Clever Contact service and how the OKEachDay phone could help you or a relative, visit the Clever Contact section of the website. Alternatively, simply call 0808 208 1234 or email and one or our team will be able to answer any questions that you may have.