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Alertacall announces new Chief Technology Officer (CTO).

Image for Alertacall announces new Chief Technology Officer (CTO).

As Alertacall’s new Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Paul Dickinson will be responsible for leading and implementing new information technology innovations at a time of huge change for the entire housing industry. Social and supported housing providers from right across the sector are keen to increase resident self-service engagement. It is also important that they can respond to the demands of both the Social Housing White Paper and Digital Switchover 2025.

Paul’s role will be key to allowing the company to substantially enhance its service, which is already being used in 20,000 homes across the United Kingdom. Alertacall’s main objective is to ensure that their service is as straightforward as possible for housing providers. The company wants every resident to be given first-class service, which will in turn increase customer satisfaction.

Alertacall already has a low cost and versatile Digital Switchover solution, which includes video door entry, a comprehensive fire safety approach, and video calling options for staff and residents. The company plans to expand on this existing capability. New features include an anti-social behaviour reporting app, video chat capability for three-way conversations, and a new messaging feature is being added to further improve two-way communication between staff and housing tenants. 

In addition, the software and systems the technology team at Alertacall have created are powerful and complex, enabling housing providers to adopt a proactive approach, with analysis of the patterns of engagement providing indications of future staffing and housing needs. The use of data science, including predictive analytics, Paul has employed in previous roles will enable more advanced insights to be generated.   

Alertacall will continue to provide services that foster high adoption and engagement thanks to Paul’s experience in designing user-friendly interfaces.

CEO and founder of Alertacall, James Bachelor comments that:

“Paul joins at a huge time of change for Alertacall. Our Digital Switchover solution already combines several videos and IoT technologies. Paul will lead the introduction of innovations designed to both boost the take-up of new technologies amongst residents and make housing providers more efficient. We are very fortunate to have Paul here on the team given his wealth of experience in developing technology in other successful organisations”.

Paul has worked in various technology roles, with over twenty years of experience. His experience comes from an array of the country’s leading start-ups to larger organisations. A notable mention includes his role as Head of New Technology at Paul is no stranger to helping companies of all sizes to grow, develop and maintain their position as successful organisations.

 Speaking about his new appointment, Paul says:

“It is a real privilege to be able to join Alertacall as CTO. The fantastic team and technology combine to deliver a market-leading solution that is already receiving great feedback from housing providers. I’m excited to lead the development of new technology innovations and use AI to derive a deeper understanding of residents’ needs. This enables our clients to provide an even higher level of service than they do today”.

If you would like to meet more of the faces who work with Paul at Alertacall, click here.

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