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Alertacall wins award: Best Digital Telecare Technology Provider 2021

Image for Alertacall wins award: Best Digital Telecare Technology Provider 2021

Alertacall is delighted to have been recognised by the Northern Enterprise Awards as Best Digital Telecare Technology Provider 2021. Now in their third consecutive year, the awards celebrate the hardworking individuals and firms based in Northern England who often demonstrate their innovation and excellence in their business practice.

This recent article published in SME news reflects further on why Alertacall was chosen for this award:

Inspired by the founder’s fiercely independent grandmother, Eveline, CEO James Batchelor established Alertacall to help others to remain at home for as long as possible. Recognised as the Best Digital Telecare Technology Provider of the year, Alertacall has pioneered technological principles that have enhanced the lives of tens of thousands of people, working in partnership with organisations across the social care and health sectors

Whilst it would be easy to focus on the efforts of the largest technology firms – those that are moving towards new developments seemingly without pause – it is crucial to look at how technology can be used to help solve very real problems that impact people. All people, at all stages of their lives.

One area which has been brought into greater relief, not least because of the pandemic, is how technology can be utilised to help those in later life. In this way, digital telecare solutions like those from Alertacall truly stand apart, to help older people and those with additional needs maintain their independence and feel safer within their own home.

Alertacall specialises in assistive technology that, first and foremost, prioritises the individual who uses it. Functionality is paramount, alongside ease of use and reliability. However, as Martin Cutbill, Business Development Director, explains, technology isn’t a one size fits all solution. Everyone has different needs, different priorities, different requirements. Alertacall was established and continues to grow on  the back of creating several options that cater to all who need and use its services. “Alertacall’s digital telecare products have features that mean they are more versatile than most devices currently available. Our standard core pendant alarm has a range of up to 300m. This extended range means there is no issue with signals being detected wherever they are in the home, and even in     the garden. More advanced options include a version with a built-in falls detector that has GPS capability, meaning it can be used outside of the home and is not dependent on being in close promptly to a base station.

“However, it is well known that many older people are reluctant to have a wearable alarm, or indeed may have one, but often do not wear it. For these individuals we have another option. Our OKEachDay service bought by individual customers, or by health and social care providers, delivers customer contact through a specially developed touchscreen and a highly trained contact centre team.”

From here you can start to see the building blocks of what has made Alertacall a leader in their field. The pandemic has brought new challenges for organisations responsible for managing independent living and, indeed, a greater demand for the solutions offered by Alertacall. There is now also an increasing need to address loneliness and social isolation and improve communication for all.

Martin continues by stating, “for many of the organisations we work with, our services have been described as ‘invaluable’ over the last 12 months. Lockdown presented organisations with many unique and difficult operational challenges, such as shielding procedures, changing work practices, and a need to avoid face to face contact. The OKEachDay service has helped maintain regular contact with individuals with higher needs during this period. Through either the device or contact with our team, we were also able to help organisations message their customers with information quickly and at short notice, as needed.

“Moreover, while loneliness affects people of all ages, older people are particularly vulnerable given the loss of friends and family, reduced mobility and income. COVID-19 led to a sudden and dramatic fall in contact with other people, increasing levels of social isolation. Our services offered customers the opportunity to speak to a member of our friendly team on a daily basis if they wished, which helped to reduce feelings of loneliness. Our team also made additional wellbeing calls to those identified as being most at risk of social isolation.”

In his closing comments, Martin discusses Alertacall’s next steps as they look ahead to 2022 and beyond. “Alertacall has been identified by The Innovation Agency, the innovation arm of the NHS for the North West, as a service likely to deliver significant benefits to organisations across social and supported housing and indeed in healthcare settings. Research has shown that our services decrease the likelihood of customers being admitted to hospital and that their average length of stay in hospital is shorter than comparable demographic groups. Our service can assist a hospital discharge team by alleviating staffing pressures associated with managing older patients when being discharged, as well as improving health outcomes for the individual themselves.”

Alertacall, through its innovative, caring team, robust core values, and client centricity, has become a pacesetter in a market that requires only the best. After all, it is helping people to live fulfilling lives and retain their independence, and for that, it is deserving of this accolade and all the praise and achievements that have come its way.

If you would like to find out more about Alertacall’s Digital Telecare services, please contact us via email: or call 0808 208 1234.