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Alertacall’s team make additional calls to help reduce loneliness and social isolation

Image for Alertacall’s team make additional calls to help reduce loneliness and social isolation

With what seems like the whole world being in some form of lockdown, Alertacall continues to operate at full capacity across our entire service. Our entire team has been working remotely since the start of UK lockdown, and continues to deliver excellent customer service to not only the organisations we work within social housing, health and care, but also the tens of thousands of people who use our services in their own home. Now more than ever, it is clear to see the importance of daily contact and providing new ways of communicating with those individuals who are deemed at higher risk in society.

Due to the large number of our customers currently shielding, Alertacall has increased its level of contact by making additional calls to individuals who may be at risk of social isolation. We have found these people really appreciate a friendly call, just to chat – for some this may be the only contact that they’ve had in weeks. We have now completed hundreds of these calls, each taking as much time as the individual needs – from some people this is a quick 10 minute chat, for others it can be a discussion lasting over an hour!

Our team has loved taking the time and speaking a little longer to our customers, because they really do all have fantastic stories to tell and insight to offer. Although working remotely has been a challenge, we are proud to be able to offer additional contact where needed, whilst continuing to deliver our core services. We know that our customers truly value this additional contact and we are more than happy to provide it for them!

During the lockdown, we have also continued to send out thousands of birthday cards to our customers. For some, this is the only card they receive. It is really made worthwhile when we receive positive feedback, like this wonderful card from Maureen:

It has been fantastic to see how our team is thriving, even while all working from home. We thought you may be interested to see some of the team in their home working environments, continuing the fantastic work Alertacall prides itself on. Here are some of them in action…


If you would like to know more about how Alertacall has responded to the outbreak of Coronavirus, you can view our action plan here. Alternatively, give our team a call on 0808 208 1234.