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Housing Proactive service invaluable in helping Saffron Housing Trust during coronavirus outbreak

Image for Housing Proactive service invaluable in helping Saffron Housing Trust during coronavirus outbreak

Alertacall’s housing management system, Housing Proactive, is proving invaluable to Saffron Housing Trust (‘Saffron’) in maintaining their housing service to older tenants during the Coronavirus outbreak. Housing Proactive was introduced to over 230 Saffron properties across Norfolk in February 2020.

Saffron was formed in 2004 and is responsible for the management of over 6,000 homes across Norfolk and Suffolk. The Trust implemented Housing Proactive into its supported schemes to offer tenants greater flexibility in how they engage with their housing service and as a cost-effective replacement to the dated hard-wired alarm systems.

Housing Proactive increases contact with older tenants and those with higher needs for more effective housing management. Tenants are provided with a specially developed device with an ‘OKEachDay’ button which they press to pick up news and information from the housing provider, or they are called by a member of our highly trained team.

Tenants at Saffron were able to choose between a range of devices, including a telephone and a touchscreen device. The touchscreen was introduced by Alertacall in 2019 to meet the demands of the digital agenda across the housing sector and help tenants access services online (as the device is fitted with an any network SIM card, it does not require WiFi to operate).

At a time when many of the Wellbeing Team are now required to work remotely, Housing Proactive has made it easy for Saffron to communicate service updates and ensure daily contact with older tenants and those with higher needs is maintained. During the lockdown, Housing Proactive has not only ensured service continuity but also given those tenants required to self-isolate the option to speak to someone on a daily basis about their housing service.

Housing Proactive has also helped to improve health and safety planning at Saffron, thanks to live online occupancy tracking. Data around service interactions is recorded and made available in real-time via secure online reporting, which has given the team access to a range of housing management information. The occupancy tracking report has been particularly useful in helping to identify and monitor those tenants who have gone into hospital and when they are discharged. The reports available also provide a whole range of useful statistics that help to detect changing housing needs.

Luca Malatacca, Client Relationship Manager, commented:

‘We are delighted to be working with Saffron Housing Trust. Daily contact has always been at the heart of the Housing Proactive service and, during the Coronavirus outbreak, it is helping housing providers stay better connected with those tenants deemed to be at higher risk. Given the challenges of staff working off-site, Housing Proactive enables housing providers to maintain a high level of customer service in challenging circumstances. We look forward to developing our partnership with Saffron Housing Trust in the future.’

Suzy Horth, Project Manager, Business Transformation Team at Saffron Housing Trust, commented:

‘When we met with the Housing Proactive team six months ago, it was very clear that it would enable us to deliver a more efficient and effective housing service and offer our tenants many benefits, whilst upgrading our technology to meet the digital agenda. During the Coronavirus lockdown, being able to send out regular updates to tenants and offer them new ways to communicate with us has been invaluable – particularly, given that our staff are working off-site. The online management information is especially useful in helping to identify any housing issues remotely. Importantly, through the Housing Proactive service, tenants have access to a friendly reassuring voice from their team on a daily basis if they wish – which helps to reduce the effects of social isolation at this time. We were delighted to get the service in place in February which has been invaluable.’

Tracey Harris, Head of Wellbeing & Partnerships at Saffron Housing Trust commented:

‘It has been a very positive experience working with Alertacall, the team have been there to support us all throughout the project. Luca was professional and understanding with our tenants during the consultation when we met with them on our schemes.

‘This service has enabled Saffron to get important messages to our tenants in a timely fashion, particularly during this unprecedented time.

‘One tenant said he was delighted to receive a telephone call and card on his birthday recently, this highlights the personal service that Alertacall offers.’

For more information on how Housing Proactive will benefit your residents and organisation, email Luca Malatacca, Client Relationship Manager, on or call 0808 208 1234.