OkEachDay customer on phoneIngenious technology that allows you to improve the quality and frequency of contact for your customers.

Inventors of software and systems including the OkEachDay© button that give 1,000s of independent people freedom, contact and control. By combining our ContactSense™ technology, which detects changes in communication patterns and clever messaging with superb customer services we have created several brilliant services and were chosen to be Highly Commended for Innovation at the UK National Business Awards.

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Alertacall comprises thought-leaders, operations experts, technologists and passionate customer services people who listen carefully to the needs of our clients and are skilled at predicting what they’ll want in the future. With a culture of continuous improvement, leadership development and adventure – we create services that have high engagement rates and brilliant outcomes using our own technology which wherever possible is created in-house. Although we are connected all over the world our Head Office can be found at Windermere in the English Lake District, a beautiful landscape which has inspired some of the world’s greatest minds and a magical setting for leadership development.

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Alertacall was founded in 2004 by a successful innovator and technologist who was inspired by his grandmother Eveline to invent the “I am okay button” so that she could control levels of daily contact. Alertacall has gone on to create a wide range of technologies that improve the quality and frequency of contact for customers of forward-thinking organisations and has won accolades for doing so. The company is ISO9001 accredited for quality management.