Helping people feel safe, connected and informed

Helping people feel safe, connected and informed

Combining ingenious technology and contact with people who care.


Portable touchscreen

Our touchscreen works pretty much everywhere and connects to several mobile networks out of the box. Connect it to WiFi and extra features become available.


Increase resident engagement and improve communication by scheduling news and updates to be sent out. Text, audio, graphical and video messages available.

Video calling

Truly connect with people using video calls to our devices. Our touchscreens can also receive video door entry calls from many systems.

Repairs reporting

Allow people to quickly, and easily inform you about repairs at their property with our multiple choice app that allows for 1000s of combinations.

Daily contact

The option of real human contact from a specially trained team about housing, support or personal issues - you choose the package that suits you.

Sheltered solution

A whole range of additional services and products available to give you everything you would need on a modern sheltered housing scheme.

Introducing OKEachDay

Only Alertacall gives you the option of OKEachDay, a technology that we created more than a decade ago – which gives people the choice to receive friendly and professional human contact 365 days a year, helps you detect changing needs and tracks occupancy too.

Controlled through our OKEachDay button – OKEachDay improves lives and hugely enhances your services. Available in Housing, Care, and Personal configurations. Contact us to find out more.


Plus everything else you might need …

Video door entry

Our touchscreen can receive video door entry calls from many systems

WiFi everywhere

We can help you deploy WiFi and internet across your schemes

Wearable alarms

Alarms style devices for those committed to wearing one

Smoke alarms

Monitored smoke alarms with false alarm reduction built in

Environmental sensors

Temperature and humidity readings 24 hours a day

Don’t just take our word for it

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