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Feel safe, connected and informed with our
award-winning technology and team.


Alertacall helps social housing and retirement living providers have better two-way contact with older people. We also help other higher needs groups and families too. Find out about our services below or read our story.

Beyond Warden Call

Easier, simpler and lower-cost ‘warden call’ with a portable touchscreen and self-service.

Ever wished that warden call was 'easier'? Combining digital engagement, brilliant telecare & installed in days - it is now.

Housing Proactive®

Two-way digital engagement, self service and proactive human contact made easy.

Discover how our touchscreen transforms contact with your customers in general needs, sheltered and supported housing.


Regularly confirm everything is OK at a property & give the choice of human contact.

A fast 'occupancy check' and the choice of human contact to exchange information 365 days a year from a team that cares.

Our services help you to:

  • Engage with your most difficult to reach customers using digital and human contact
  • Accelerate digital transformation in general needs, sheltered and supported housing
  • Increase customer satisfaction and independence
  • Improve the efficiency of your services and detect changing needs
  • Help meet regulatory requirements both now and, in the future
  • Reduce loneliness and improve the mental health of customers and tenants

Alertacall is a well established and loved company that is a winner of the most prestigious award in the UK – The Queen’s Award for Enterprise in Innovation

Who we help

General needs housing

With more older and higher needs people now living in general needs properties we enable landlords to have increased oversight of their additional needs and issues.

Older people in sheltered housing

Improving the effectiveness of housing teams and ensuring tenants are safer, better connected and informed.

Individuals with learning difficulties or mental health challenges

A point of contact each day, which can also detect changing needs, delivered through digital engagement and a specially trained team.

For people with chronic medical conditions

OKEachDay services help a range of health and care providers, both in their own roles, and also when working with other sectors.

Temporary and crisis accommodation

Discreet property checks establish safety, improve tenant communication and help identify void properties.

Hospital discharge

Digital devices with daily contact, medication and appointment prompts that improve patient outcomes and reduce readmission rates.

Domiciliary care

A stepping stone service to in-home care, and a valuable complement to existing care provision providing additional daily contact.

Don’t just take our word for it

The install project completed by the Housing Proactive team at three of our independent living courts was extremely efficient, with clear communication from their team throughout. I was also delighted to learn about some of the work Alertacall undertakes to tackle loneliness with older tenants, which further highlights what a fabulous service this is and shows the thought the company has for their customers. When I needed an urgent message to be sent out to our customers – I composed it, emailed it and within 10 minutes it was sorted. Great company to work with!

Julie Riley, Housing Services Manager, Berwickshire Housing Association

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To find out more about the Alertacall’s Beyond Warden Call, Housing Proactive and OKEachDay services click on the button below.  We can provide you with an in person or virtual demo.