housing management

Improves contact and reporting on housing related issues for properties with all higher needs groups.

care and support

Enables social care & NHS organisations to improve outcomes for older people and other higher needs groups.

personal use

Ideal for people seeking to maintain their independence in their own home. Our 'Clever Contact' service is endorsed by Dame Esther Rantzen.

latest news

See the latest news, articles & insights in to how the latest technological developments are enhancing services in housing, health and social care.


Our passionate team seeks to make contact with customers each day.


Proactive approach ensures people get help when they need it the most.


Keeps users safe and enables them to stay at home for longer.


Enables organisations to focus their time and resource more effectively.

how it works

Daily contact is provided by our experienced and friendly team and controlled using specially designed devices that interface through the wireless or fixed line network.

how it works